Santa Monica Real Estate Agents Explain 5 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection Before Buying

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Once your offer on a home for sale is accepted and you enter into escrow, you may be thinking to save some money and skip the home inspection. But that could be the biggest mistake of your life! A local Santa Monica real estate agent outlines 5 reasons why it’s very important to have a home inspection done, and how it could end up saving you big money in the long run.

SANTA MONICA – In the excitement of having your offer accepted when buying a home, it’s easy to forget about calling in a home inspector. What’s more, after entering into contract, the list of fees, commissions and checks can keep mounting up, and you may be tempted to skip the home inspection all together. However a Santa Monica real estate agent explains there are 5 critical reasons why you should not skip the home inspection.

1. A Home Inspection Give You a Way Out of the Contract

There are so many possible problems that can occur with a home that are not obvious at first sight. A professional home inspector will reveal these in a home inspection report, and this can give you a way out of your contract if needed. For example, the foundation may be cracked. A cracked foundation costs a fortune to repair and you would never notice it otherwise. Other possible deal breakers that could be revealed are major roof problems, central air problems, pool problems, illegal additions, faulty gutters, cracked walls or ceilings, etc. Your home inspector will give you a report on what repairs and maintenance the home needs immediately, and also over time. If you are not happy with his findings, by California law you are able to back out of the contract before a certain time. Your real estate agent should make it clear to you how long you have to make your inspections, which is usually around 15 days.

2. May Reveal Illegal Additions to the Home

Sometime sellers have made additions or alterations to their home and not bothered making them up-to-code with the local building inspector. This can be a very expensive problem and a home inspection can reveal whether rooms, garages or basements were altered or added without the proper permits. If you buy a property that has alterations that are not up-to-code, you will be responsible for fixing those alterations. That may cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore discovering this problem before your inspection period is over is critical.

3. Safety First

A home inspection can also reveal possible safety hazards that may be in the house. These could include lead paint, mold and black mold issues, carbon monoxide leaks, and even earthquake hazards. Again the discovery of these problems may give you a chance to back out of the purchase before the allotted time for inspections is over.

4. An Essential Negotiating Tool

By discovering problems in the home through a home inspection you then have options. You may decide to back out all together, or renegotiate terms. You may decide to fix the problems yourself and ask for a lower sales price in return, or ask the seller to have everything repaired before closing. Whichever way, the home inspection report is critical in giving you a second chance at negotiations, especially if everything is not up to standard. 

5. Understand What You Are Purchasing

Lastly another great reason is to know what you’re buying. Buying a house will most likely be the biggest purchase of your life. Do your research and due diligence first, just as you would any other major purchase. The more knowledge of the property you have in the beginning means the less surprises down the track. Get as many details about the property as you can before the check changes hands. Home inspections give you the opportunity to be informed of all the current and potential problems the property has, that you will not have known otherwise. The inspection period is there for a reason, use it and don’t be caught out with a lemon.

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