Sand Sculptor – “Best New Toy” Design the Beach – Get it now on Kickstarter

Kids and Parents build castles, cars, fish, and dinosaur tracks. It’s easy for everyone to design the beach & sand box. Age 3+.


The Sand Sculptor has been designed to take playing in the sand to a new level of fun and creativity. Scoop up sand, remove the mold, make a castle or car, and do it all over again with any of our creative new sand molds and play tools.  

It is a very simple product. The scoop has a rail system at the back which lets you insert and remove sand molds and tools. The scoop is easy to use and as you pick up sand and lift up the scoop the sand falls right into the mold. The molds are then removed and create unique sand sculptures. You then insert a new mold and create all over again. 

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About The Sand Sculptor

The first idea of the sand sculptor came to me 13 years ago when I was in college studying Industrial Design.  I had a few sketches of the idea that I saved and over the last decade I have pulled out the idea on random occasions and built a few rough prototypes.

The toy is awesome and it has been a great experience letting my kids work with me on developing the scoop. The good and bad is that they always tell you where you’re failing. I know we have finally gotten it right.  Help make this product a reality on today.


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