SameTop tell you why the helmet is very necessary for each bike rider

As the introduction of famous online store buy cheap from China, many riders do not like to wear a helmet and think it is not necessary to wear this one as the helmet looks so ugly. But, have you heard that the head exposing during the high sped riding will bring how many threat to your life? Here, the editor from SameTop lists several dangerous situations without wearing helmets. We believe you will understand the dangerous after reading this article.

My head is hard enough and I do not need the fucking helmet!

When you fall from the stationary bike to the ground, your head is seven miles per hour speed and this speed could be enough to cause into your future funeral. Please understand this.

I just ride on a dirt road or grass road and speed is very slow

So what? Learn about the first one. Do your speed to slower than stop! The dangerous level will totally rise on the dirt road.

I haven’t worn a helmet during my past riding but I have been living well.

According to this logic, we should stop giving children vaccinated because most of kids will live better enough without the injecting of vaccinate.

Wear a helmet gives the impression of silly

Safety-conscious could help you get rid of the injury which will let you become the real silly man. As we all know, the head hitting will easily lead to the brain damage. Many car accidents already produced many brain damage suffered patients. Do you want to become one of them? Actually your answer must be no!

Here, you must have fully understanding about why we need the helmet. Now, please click to sexy lingerie to choose one of their high quality and cheap price helmet. Furthermore, their online store also sells many other products from China and all of those products are all dropship from China.

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