Salts Worldwide expands their offering of Fleur de Sel for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Salts Worldwide has expanded their offering of Fleur de Sel, which is known to be the best salt money can buy.

Chefs and foodies across the globe are going to love this news. Salts Worldwide has expanded their offering of Fleur de Sel.  Fleur de Sel is a sea salt from France that is hand harvested by skimming the top of the surface of the salt ponds. For every 80 pounds of French Grey Salt harvested, there is only 1 pound of Fleur de Sel, this is what makes it one of the rarest and best salts money can buy. 

“Fleur de Sel is unlike any salt I have ever had,” said the owner from the company, who went on to add “It has a taste and texture unlike any salt, it is neither crushed nor ground. Due to popular demand, we wanted to make other quantities available for people who are new to gourmet salts.”

The popularity of sea salt has skyrocketed over the debate of unhealthy processed table salts and what damage they can do to you with overconsumption. Salts Worldwide only offers unrefined high quality gourmet kosher grade sea salts and salts. They also carry Epsom salt and Dead Sea Salt from Israel.

The process of finding healthy salt can be a confusing and financially draining task. With the large variety of salts and custom made “smoked” salts it is sometimes hard to know exactly what you are getting. Salts Worldwide makes it easy to cut through the sea of imitating salts and only carries the best gourmet kosher grade salts.

Salts Worldwide offers smaller salt sampler packs that are great for those wanting to experience the different flavors of the salts, they also make a great gift. All of their products are available via their website and they ship worldwide! 

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About Salts Worldwide:

Salts Worldwide is a gourmet salt and bath salt company that offers high quality kosher grade salts and bath salts. Salts Worldwide offers a healthy alternative to regular salt and table salt. They are located in Ossian, Indiana.

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