Salopek & Associates Introduces a Breakfast Session on Bill 17, Alberta Employment Standards Code Compliance

Salopek & Associates introduces a breakfast session on Bill 17, Alberta Employment Standards Code Compliance. The session will address how the significant changes to Alberta’s Employment Standards Code will affect businesses, and what organizations need to be doing to update their policies and processes, prepare their teams, and ensure compliance with new legislation.

Canada – 11th October, 2017 – The Alberta Government is implementing important changes to the existing Employment Standards Code for the very first time since 1988, through Bill 17, better known as the “Fair and Family-friendly Workplace Act”. To address these significant changes, which come into effect January 1st, 2018, Salopek & Associates is conducting a one hour free Breakfast Session to discuss how the changes will affect Alberta businesses and what organizations should be doing to proactively prepare their businesses and teams to ensure compliance.

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“Being one of the leading business and human resource consultants in Alberta, we at Salopek & Associates feel hosting an information session to share our expertise is an extension of the valuable service we offer our clients and organizations who may require support. It demonstrates our commitment to staying on top of changing legislation, workplace trends, and best practices, and ensuring our clients are provided with the expertise to prepare their people and processes and confidently manage risk. Our team of CPHR certified HR consultants works with organizations in Alberta and across Canada to help our clients attract, retain and develop the right people and put effective processes in place that will help to successfully grow their business.” Janet Salopek, President and Senior Consultant at Salopek & Associates, explained in a press conference. “We know that the Alberta Employment Standards Code update will significantly impact all Alberta businesses, and we want to provide the support organizations require to help them update their policies and processes, train their teams and put a plan in place to mitigate risk, maintain morale and ensure ongoing success”, she further added.

“We have had many organizations reach out to Salopek & Associates with questions about Bill 17’s Employment Standards changes, looking for support in ensuring they are prepared prior to the new year. Salopek & Associates understands the importance of proactively planning for these changes, and ensuring updates to policies and processes are completed in accordance with best practices and effectively communicated throughout the organization. This need for support in understanding the impact of Bill 17 and guidance on how to plan for the changes is the reason we decided to host the free Bill 17 Compliance – Breakfast Session”, said Janet Salopek. She further added the statement, “Our main objective is to provide insight that will help our clients and other Alberta organizations best prepare for the Employment Standards changes, and have them come away from the session knowing Salopek & Associates has the experience and expertise to support them as they bring their policies, processes and operating practices into compliance with the new legislation.”

With Bill 17 being Alberta’s first Employment Standards update in 30 years, it will introduce major changes that all organizations will want to understand and prepare for. Visit Salopek & Associates’ website for more information about the HR consulting support available and for more details about the breakfast session and to register.

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