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Anytime you drive, the windows in your car get dirty. Dust, water spots, and bugs can all make your glass appear dirty and prevent your vision from being at its best. Having clean glass is very important to prevent accidents from happening. This article will provide you with great tips on how to clean your auto glass.

Auto glass should be cleaned weekly. When you clean your glass weekly, you prevent dust, dirt, or bugs from building up on your auto glass. The buildup of dirt on your windows could cause your vision to decrease.

When you are ready to clean your glass, you need a cleaning solution and something to wipe the glass with. Newspaper, microfiber towels, and paper towels are all good choices. To clean your glass, you’ll need to spray the cleaning solution on the glass and begin wiping the window. This will remove all of the debris that is on your windows making them crystal clear.

If you are a smoker, you may need to clean the inside of your windows more frequently than a nonsmoker would. The smoke from a cigarette creates a film that can cause your glass to become cloudy over time. If you allow this film to buildup, it can make seeing out of your glass quite difficult. At night time, the headlights of other cars will reflect on the film and cause lights to seem brighter than they actually are. to remove the film inside of your car, you’ll need to clean the glass as you would for the outside.

Having clean glass is very important when driving your car. It can help you see better which could help you avoid accidents. Although glass cleaning isn’t something that most consider fun, it’s crucial if you are going to be driving your vehicle.

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