SA Water Purification Systems Water Softeners: The Answer To South Africa’s Water Lime Content

SOUTH AFRICA – This problem is widespread around the country – and South Africans have seemingly resigned to their fates, after having tried numerous of the heavily advertised, yet painfully inadequate solutions for it. The issue plaguing virtually all South Africans without exception is the country’s high lime content water, which results in millions of Rands in losses per year, seeing as it effects crop yield, appliance performance, and, more importantly, the people’s health. SA Water Purification Systems is on a mission to help every South African enjoy the quality of water they deserve, through promoting its affordable and highly efficient water softener systems.

Offering a variety of water softeners, SA Water Purification Systems promises that it has “a water softener that is perfect for anyone”, according to one’s individual needs and specialized demands. In addition to helping prevent lime buildup in water pipes, water softeners effectively prevent lime scale buildup in electrical appliances, which otherwise leads to their diminished performance and, ultimately, to their break down.

As “prevention is better than a cure”, SA Water Purification Systems water softeners efficiency lies in the fact that they “prevent lime scale by removing the ‘hardness’ out of water before it enters the plumbing system”. Softened water poses no hard-water health-, skin- and aging-related risks; leaves no stains on glassware, shower walls, or soap deposits in laundered clothes, and provides optimal moisturizing, leaving one’s skin and hair softer and smoother than ever before.

Says Mr. Mario Human, owner of SA Water Purification Systems, “With the lime scale content being even higher than normal, because of the waterbed level that has changed due to the ongoing drought in South Africa, especially in borehole water, for most areas, people should have added protection for all their electrical appliances that use water. Replacing these appliances is expensive, (i.e. Geysers, dishwashers, solar systems etc.) and, once damaged are difficult to repair. The traditional water softener still remains the best way to combat lime.”

Standing behind its products, SA Water Purification Systems offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, while the company’s automatic and manual heads have a two-year one-year guarantee, respectively.

SA Water Purification Services provides water softeners in the Gauteng, North West, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Free State, Limpopo, KwaZulu Natal and Mpumalanga provinces.

Those wishing to request an estimate can do so by filling in the appropriate form found here, or by calling Mr. Human himself at 079 210 3829, to arrange for a consultation.

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