Running Book “Why We Ran” by Author David Ocon Receives Rave Reviews within the Running Communities

What do you get when you put a mad scientist, an introspective thinker, and a unique set of personal anecdotes that is based on true events? Simply put, a wonderful book from a captivating writer with an extraordinary taste for life. Recounting his days as a cross country runner in high school, newcomer author David Ocon combines his love for running, science and philosophy into a majestic and inspiring tale dubbed as “Why We Ran”. As per the book’s description, the story takes you inside the psyche of a competitive runner’s mind in a graceful attempt to bring meaning and closure to the question asked — to and by — runners more than any other, “Why?” By recounting the youthful high school memories of the events leading up to his team’s 5K State Championship race, the athlete comes to terms with himself and ultimately justifies the sheer indulgence, ridiculousness, and madness of the sport.

It is rare treat when you come across a piece of work and are held in the grip of a writer who has something to say and clearly knows how to say it. Why We Ran is an entertaining treatise on the “love of the chase” and why runners run. The author takes a very unique, philosophical and slightly esoteric approach to describe running, one that is deeply rooted on his background as a biomedical sciences expert and as a runner. Ocon notes that “while there are certain struggles that every person needs to go through to find out what it really means to be human, running and the discipline it has imparted has giving me a lasting perspective on the experiences and lessons of life that one must encounter before death takes us all”. The book defies conventional categorization as it combines an interesting combination of biology, psychology and philosophy throughout the memoir, culminating into state championship race detailed in the climatic chapter “Course Takes Toll.”

The strength in this story lies in how the author manages to articulate in a digestible fashion the feelings that runners endure during their training regimens and all-out racing efforts. Re-telling the organized and militaristic style of the “Hellions” cross country team, Ocon captures the feelings of being back in the early days of the running revolution and the unique oddball of characters who ran for the love of the sport. The writing is crisp and vivid, targeted towards the popularized running clubs and communities that have sprung throughout every small town and major cities all over the United States and overseas, highlighting the sport of cross country running as unforgiving and demanding, but worthwhile and rewarding.

The story is decorated with hidden meaning and metaphors, celebrating many themes that any athlete can relate to. The principles of hard work and success are ingrained in the plot of the story, whereupon the author relates the value of time, risk-taking, and a dedicated work ethic as the key components for reaching ambitious goals and rewards. The author also discusses the importance of self-learning and self-discovery through awareness and reflection of experiences from the past. The climatic finish is sweaty, painful, and uplifting as the runner battles himself and the competition to a dramatic finish.

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Editorial Reviews for Why We Ran:

Some runners prefer to keep their past to themselves, and ironically those are the ones that often have the best stories to tell. David’s writing style made me not want to set the story down until it was all over… It was pure brilliance” – Runner’s Haven

Why We Ran is the reincarnation of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, a modern day personal memoir about running that delves into the fundamental principles of life, resonant through the power of romanticism and rationality” – Runner’s View Circle

Why We Ran is an inspiring tale of the runner’s journey, a story of fear, love, growth and acceptance, amidst the myriad confusion and amongst struggle of what it means to be human” – Press On Running

This story makes it clear that there is no secret to winning, natural talent plays a minimal role, it all boils down to hard consistent, work – Michael Bortollini

Why We Ran is an intimate gaze into the mind, heart and soul of a runner out on a mission to prove that he is capable of bettering himself, others and the competition – Carlos Bertel

In order to be successful, sometimes believing in a grandiose goal becomes an adventure of faith. But when hard work is added to the picture, then suddenly the seemingly impossible becomes within arm’s reach – James Pidderman

About the Author:

David Ocon is a native of Miami, Florida where he ran track & field and cross country at Christopher Columbus High School. In 2006 David received first Team All-Dade and All-State Honors as Captain of the Varsity Cross Country Team. In 2009 David was one of six students selected from across the nation to study at the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (US-ISR) in Fort Sam, Houston Texas as part of the Combat Casualty Care initiative under a directive of the Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative, LLC (PTEI). The program was established by the Department of Defense in 2008, under the U.S. Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine (AFIRM) and the U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command (AMRMC) in order to develop new products and therapies to treat severe injuries suffered by U.S. service members in the current war efforts.

At the US-ISR David collaborated with researchers on his first Honors thesis titled “New Method for Measuring Anthraniloyl-Bufodienolides in Plasma by HPLC.”


At the US-ISR, David also partnered with the Human Physiology Department in a study designed to stimulate and measure the body’s physiological responses during hemodynamic combat care scenarios entitled “Development of an Algorithm for Prediction of Onset of Hemodynamic Instability in Humans”. During his senior year, he completed his second Honors thesis’ titled “Improving Global Oral Public Health and Perception through Outreach Clinics: A Case Study in Chiquilistagua, Managua”. David graduated from the Honors College at the University of South Florida with a B.S., in the Biomedical Sciences. For his undergraduate accomplishments and Honors’ thesis work, David was the recipient of the 2012 Undergraduate Scholar Award from the University of South Florida, the highest recognition the Honors College bestows.

David has established himself as an expert content value creation consultant and business consultant in both the U.S. and abroad, providing original high quality research & copywriting services for a diverse range of businesses under his company The Ocon Group, LLC (

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About the Ocon Group:

The Ocon Group is a U.S. based strategic & business consulting firm that engages in business partnerships and entrepreneurial pursuits that take advantage of systems of automations that allow for increased transactions, fast paced growth and cash flow. While serving primarily as a consulting firm, The Ocon Group also provides a comprehensive range of services to enterprise level businesses and corporate partners, including Original Research and Content Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing & Copywriting Services.

With globalization continuing to make business environments ever more competitive, original and aggressive strategic business solutions are needed more than over in order to bridge the gap between consumers and the increasingly broader and complex business strategies that management professionals face in their dynamic working environments. Noting the idiosyncratic challenges many businesses face, CEO and Managing Director of the Ocon Group, David Ocon, states that the premise of the company is derived from creative, forward thinking and aggressive business solutions in order to gain a competitive edge, noting that “modest goals yield only modest outcomes; significant results and successful change occurs when commonly held assumptions are challenged, resources are targeted, and collaborations between management officials are synergistic.”

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