Ruby Learns to Wait – Kindle edition of Children’s Book about Patience Launched

Dan Parisson, the best-selling author known for his creative storytelling skills from which he creates enchanting magical worlds for children that are easy to read and have a strong moral that helps in teaching them an important life lesson. Recently, Dan announced the launch of his latest children’s book Ruby Learns to Wait, a bedtime story about a little Raccoon who learns patience and good manners. The book is targeted towards preschoolers, aged 3-8 with plenty of colorful illustrations and fun characters. The Kindle Edition is now available:

Ruby Raccoon has been written to be perfect for a toddler, meaning it is easy to read, easy to understand. The story focuses on an inquisitive little Raccoon searching for food and a place to sleep. However, his impatience lands him into trouble. With the help of his friend the wise Owl, he learns the value of patience, good manners and listening to good advice.

“It is important to children knowledge of certain lessons and the importance of reading. I have always wanted to involve children in a story that is at their level, to inspire them to read the study and grasp the meaning of each lesson. The time of history has always been a powerful time for my children and me, so I try to make it as fun as possible!” Dan commented about the idea behind Ruby Raccoon.

Being a father of two children and a creative writer, Dan has a keen insight about how the mind of a child works, which has allowed him to write a charming little tale of a playful and curious raccoon, a character children will be able to identify with easily. Dan has captivatingly combined a fun story with an important lesson for kids.

Melinda H. a parent and a fan of Dan’s latest work wrote in her review, “Hopefully, by doing this, we can prevent our children from future frustrations and disappointments within themselves. It helps children remove the rush, this lesson that is so essential for life. It is a great relations builder, between parent and child. I become an owl, and she is a raccoon, we immediately discuss the situation in which she made a mistake, and this gives progress.”

The book has managed to draw praise and appreciation from early readers and critics.


The Texas-based best-selling author Dan Parisson is a best-selling author known for creating magical worlds with beautiful illustrations and easily readable stories. Dan work is for children of all ages and he hopes to inspire and educate through each of the stories, each devoted to essential life lessons, and teach children the high values that they will take in life.

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