Ruben West’s Destination Mastery Named in Amazon Editor’s Top 100 Picks

Focus on what you can do and allow the universe to provide the rest.~ Ruben West

Ontario, CA — November 10, 2014 — Since time began, people have been looking for the secrets to viral success. Viral success represents unhindered, boundless personal growth. Everyone wants to have that kind of success. Ruben West believes that your mindset is the only thing stopping you. In his new book, Destination Mastery, West uses the human body’s immune system as an example of how success works. “I believe the key to all success lies in our mindset – in how we think and see ourselves.“, says West.

By challenging one’s negative beliefs, change can occur in one’s life.  West wants you to look at where your beliefs come from and challenged them. As the founder of “The Success Immune System”, Ruben West teaches and trains clients all over the world to achieve their personal greatness. West has mastered the ability to help individuals see a larger vision of themselves. With this new understanding of self, clients can increase productivity, improve relationships and spend time doing what matters most. West used his background as the owner of The Elite School of Surgical First Assisting to come up with the idea of using the physiology of the body’s immune system to help explain his approach to a success mindset. “When one goes through the process of changing their mindset, it is possible to reprogram your mind to believe that what you once thought was impossible, is possible for you.” Says West.   

West offers the Destination Mastery Creed as a free download on his site. These tenets offer clients guidance on the way to success. The creed includes statements like: I understand that temporary failures are a necessary part of my growth and as such, will give me insight and build character during my personal journey. I will continually work to develop a “WILL” that will be stronger than any obstacle, opposition, or challenge I come up against. “These are the kinds of things I want my clients to focus on every day. Some people have never had anything like this to guide them. It’s exciting to see them take the Destination Mastery Creed and use it to change their lives.” Remarked Ruben West.  The book Destination Mastery has been named one of Amazon’s Editors Favorite Book of the Year for 2014. The book contains lessons as well as action items that allow people to create real movement towards their goals. Being a passive reader will not help you succeed. You must be able to take action on what you have learned. The chapter and action plan called “Having the Will to Succeed-Taking command and taking control” is sited as one of the most influential chapters in the book. Readers often site that chapter as being the most needed in their journey. They are happily surprised to find that Professional Certified Success Coach, Ruben West took time to address that issue.  

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