Rogue Marketer ‘Holds Nothing Back’ In His Mobi 911 Leads Review Video

Twitter has rolled out a new option that allows Twitter account holders the opportunity to send a direct message to those who are not following them. Those who are familiar with Twitter know that previously account holders were only able to DM (Direct Message) followers on their account. However, account holders can now change that feature, if they want to. For more information, one can read the – Mobi 911 Leads Review thread.

Fortunately, when the option is added to an account, it has already been set to disabled mode. This means that if you want anyone to have the chance to send you a direct message, you must enable the feature first. It is also important to note that not every account has the feature added yet. If you are interested in enabling this feature, you will need to know where to locate it in your account. The feature is located under the ‘Accounts’ tab. More information may be seen on the – Mobi 911 Leads Review fanpage.

Although there does not seem to be a logical reason why the average person would want to use this feature, it could offer some benefit to companies or individuals who are looking to build up a brand name. In the past, if a company or brand wanted to respond to a customer’s complaint or question, they would have to follow the customer in order to respond to the Direct Message. This could result in the company having to follow hundreds or thousands of customers. One may also watch the – Mobi 911 Leads Review video for more insights as well.

The average person would not benefit from this feature because they would be opening their account up to receive spam messages. There are no known filters on the feature, so the account holder would receive DM just like accounts on Facebook.

There are mixed reviews on this new feature. Many business owners seem excited about the expansion, but others are not sure that there is an advantage to enabling this feature in Twitter.

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