Rogue Marketer ‘Holds Nothing Back’ In His Interlink Express Plugin Review Video

The new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HDs have some new surprises for app developers. They’re called billboards, and they just may change how you market your apps to Kindle customers. The premise is very basic. If you’ve ever driven down an interstate before, then you’re familiar with billboard advertising. For more information, one may read the – Interlink Express Review thread.

Billboards are large, colorful signs meant to catch the attention of motorists and their passengers. The usually advertise businesses, services, and organizations looking for charitable donations. Billboard space is at a premium along popular roads for one core reason – they work. In a similar fashion, Kindle billboards for apps are going to work just as well. More information may be seen on the – Interlink Express Review fanpage.

Today’s app developer has to stay on the latest trends to get new customers downloading their wares. This is especially true when it comes to marketing on Kindle Fires, one of the most popular tablets in the world. Any developer who works with Android-based technology should check it out, for they’re probably going to be very big in upcoming marketing trends. One may want to watch the – Interlink Express Review Video for more insights as well.

How do these billboards work? It’s very simple. Amazon sells ad space to app developers in the form of these billboards. After the developer pays for the ad space, the colorful, inviting image will occasionally pop up while Kindle users plays certain games or browse certain areas. Kindles may be marketed as fancy reading devices, but they’re also everyday tablets for a majority of consumers. This means game use and web browsing both get heavy use on Kindle Fires.

If you’re an app developer looking to try new marketing opportunities, then the new billboard marketing feature for the Amazon Kindle Fire is definitely one you should look into. Marketing is all about prime real estate on the internet, and Amazon is offering theirs to those who want it.

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