Rocking The Float: Snowopolis Serves Desserts On Inflatable Floaties

May 25, 2018 – Montebello, CA – Snowopolis, the upscale frozen treat and dessert chain with three exclusive locations across California, is pleased to announce that it is adding a summer touch to its menu by offering all its desserts in inflatable floaties, effective as of today. The selection of said floaties includes, but is not limited to, donuts; watermelons; unicorns, flamingos, as well as many other popular designs, and is subject to in-store availability.


“At Snowopolis, we are always aiming to provide an upscale yet fun experience to our customers. Choosing to offer our delectable desserts in inflatable floaties was something we felt would make what we call “the Snowopolis experience” spectacular, from the moment our customers get their hands on their favorite treats” said Mr. Scott, Snowopolis media representative.

The company is known for its highly original dessert menu which includes Hawaiian shave ice, milkshakes, s’mores and build-a-cookies. As tasty as they are creatively presented, all Snowopolis treats dominate Californian influencers’ social media feeds, seeing as they are veritable showstoppers, and attract thousands of likes from sweet treat and crazy shake lovers from all across the globe.

“So far, our customers have largely opted to enjoy their Hawaiian shave ice cones and milk shakes in inflatable floaties, perhaps owing to the fact that these two desserts are more strongly associated with Californian summer. It fills us with pride to see the smiles drawn on our customers’ faces, each time we bring out their favorite dessert in their very own floatie!”

Snowopolis has been featured in major news outlets such as People; The Business Insider; Food and Wine; HelloGiggle and Travel & Leisure. The company’s 24Karat Pure Gold Ice Cream, which is available daily at its Anaheim location, has been a hit among the food connoisseur community, while it has also been described as “the next best thing after charcoal ice cream”, in terms of dessert trends.

Snowopolis’ menu can be viewed here.

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