R-JUST- The Protection Revolution for iPhone and Samsung SHOCKPROOF/DIRTPROOF/WATERPROOF


Are you tired of having a phone case without any design DNA? 

AMIRA is an integrated protection system. It is composed of metal,tempered glass,thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU),and carbon fiber. In addition,the two sides are streamlined with an ergonomic design, so it will never feel very heavy. It is very easy and comfortable to hold,even for a child. Altogether, it only weighs 135 grams (4.76 oz.). Can you believe it?

Structure Description

As screens are becoming bigger and bigger, phones are more vulnerable than ever before. It will cost you a lot of money to fix your phone if you accidentally drop it. For this reason, AMIRA uses a zinc alloy to reinforce the case and improve the phone’s resistance to sudden drops. The TPU between the back bezel and front bezel also cushions the impact. Tempered glass provides a second screen to protect your smartphone from damage. And carbon fiber plays an important role in heat conduction.

In short,AMIRA will make your smartphone more powerful and resilient than ever before. You can feel free to use you phone anywhere and at anytime.



The triangular air cushions are one of the highlights of our design. The 11 small triangles on the four corners make the AMIRA exceptionally shockproof. When you put your phone into the case and screw on the four screws, you’ll make your phone as strong as Iron Man. 

Does the rear camera make you uncomfortable? Don’t worry. The design around the rear camera is higher by one millimeter so that when you put the phone on a plane, it won’t wear down the rear camera any more. 

With a layer of carbon fiber, AMIRA is well made for heat transmission as well. Therefore,there is no heat dissipation problem. 

The tempered glass is made of raw material from Nippon Sheet Glass (NSG). It is the best protective layer for the phone’s screen, protecting the screen without affecting the touch experience. TOUCH ID is completely unaffected.


7 colors are available. You can also customize the combination of colors if you like. There are three separate parts that you can customize the color of. Just tell us. For instance, black-red-black means black front bezel and back bezel, red TPU,black port cover and more products designed by R-JUST.

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