Risk Expert Urges People To Future-Proof Themselves Against Job Security Challenges

Patrick Ow, a highly experienced risk expert, author, and business specialist who has worked with many multi-national organizations and individuals, has officially released his third e-Book, “Shocking Secrets Every Worker Needs to Know: How To Future-Proof Your Job, Increase Your Income, and Protect Your Wealth In Today’s Digital Age.

In today’s challenging times, the e-Book addresses wide-spread problems of unemployment, low wage growth, and job insecurity. It lays out practical strategies and action steps for all workers to future-proof their jobs, increase their income, and protect their wealth.

Patrick wants people to know that their worries about job security are real and relevant. Their complacency may even kill their own jobs if they do not act now to future-proof themselves. Wide-spread unemployment will become more common in most countries, industries, and professions due to the collision of demographic shifts, the rapid spread of automation and artificial intelligence, and the rising income and wealth inequality amongst workers. Patrick urges people to begin understanding, anticipating and planning for these inevitable disruptions and changes now by future-proofing themselves, their jobs and their income sources before it is too late.

The current predictions about the future of jobs are alarming. McKinsey has estimated that between 400 million and 800 million individuals could be displaced by automation and they will need to find new jobs by 2030. Furthermore, Forester found that automation will eliminate 9% of U.S. jobs but will only create 2% more leaving a net shortfall of 7%.

Future-proofing is the process of understanding and anticipating the future and minimizing the effects of shocks and stresses of potential events on jobs, careers, employment, and families. The best solution now is to find innovative ways to supplement worker incomes through second or third jobs, freelancing, investing, or even starting side businesses.

Explaining the drive behind his e-Book, Patrick commented “When I found myself worrying about my own job security, it motivated me to turn it into a powerful constructive process of focusing myself on understanding the current-day problems through extensive research, and finding practical solutions for future-proofing myself, my income, my job, and my family. In doing so, I had many shareable light-bulb moments.”

The “Shocking Secrets Every Worker Needs to Know: How To Future-Proof Your Job, Increase Your Income, and Protect Your Wealth In Today’s Digital Age” e-Book lays out 62 evidence-based challenges facing all workers. It provides practical strategies for addressing these challenges.

The e-Book is available for immediate download from Futureproofingjobs.com or Amazon.

About the author:

Patrick Ow is a risk expert with an experience spanning over two and a half decade in management and performance improvement. He actively helps organizations and individuals achieve their objectives using practical strategies.

Patrick actively writes on the subject of future-proofing jobs at Allmoneymakingideas.com

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