Rising Basketball Star Lyle B. Shannon Scores Big!

14 year old male basketball prodigy and YouTube sensation, Lyle B. Shannon has recently announced the launch of thelylesportschannel.com, an extension of his Youtube channel showcasing one of the best teen basketball players. On Youtube, Lyle shares mini video clips of him performing in sync with his teammates scoring consistently each time, exhibiting excellent skills and agility as a basketball player. With almost 1.4K followers on his channel, Lyle is quickly becoming a YouTube youth basketball sensation.

The young man, from Huntington Beach CA area, is inspiring hundreds and thousands of young followers who are as passionate about basketball as he is. He believes that sharing mini clips of himself playing is a great way to share his techniques, as well as show casing his skills as a player. Lyle has been playing basketball for the Oceanview SeaHawks Basketball team for the last 2 years. Besides focusing of basketball, he is also excelling academically, socially and performs exceptionally well on the basketball court.

The new website is an expansion of what Lyle is aiming to achieve with his YouTube channel, to help others like him improve their game and become the best teen basketball players, which is why he is offering short tips and advice videos for sale that will not only show Lyle in action, scoring big but also sharing his winning tips.   

Lyle needs the support of his viewers and follower to keep the channel running and allowing him to do what he love best – excelling at basketball and sharing his knowledge. Support Lyle on Youtube by subscribing and donating to his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYwor8LXTwJwbn8vCUB8PZQ and also check out his new website https://thelylesportschannel.com/

Recently, Lyle said: “I love being on the court, basketball is a big part of my life, and it helps me excel in other areas of my life. Basketball has taught me, it motivates me, helps me stay focused and achieve more. YouTube and my new channel allow me to share my passion with all of you, who love this game as much as I do, so subscribe, support and like because that will help me in sharing the better videos.” The Lyle Perkins  tips and advice videos are exclusively available on https://thelylesportschannel.com/ About: Lyle Perkins is 14 years old and stands an astounding 6’8, born in 2003, he is Player #52 because his dad was also Player #52, strengths: academic excellence, makes his teammates better, plays defensively, competitive, commanding leader on the court.

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