Rick “Wheels” Bieluwka’s & Rollin’ Vengeance Offshore Race Team (rollinv.com) Rev Up to Compete in the Inaugural 2014 Super Boat International Race Circuit, in Charlotte Harbor April 11-13.

“RollinV’s Rick ‘Wheels’ Bieluwka and Team Mike Fosse will compete in the SuperStock Category at the Inaugral Superbost International Offshore Race Circuit, April 11-13, Visit their VIP Eco Lounge to meet and greet their enviornmentally conscious underwriters and supporters with proceeds Buoniconti Fund to cure Paralysis.”
Rick “Wheels” Bieluwka’s and his Rollin’ Vengeance Team will compete in the 2014 Super Boat International Race Circuit. Having been a top contender for over a decade in the Superboat Stock Category on the SBI Race Circuit (Superboat.com) ‘Wheels’ has garnered countless first place and podium wins.

April 4, 2014, Miami, Florida. Rick “Wheels” Bieluwka’s and his Rollin’ Vengeance Team will compete in the 2014 Super Boat International Race Circuit. Having been a top contender for over a decade in the Superboat Stock Category on the SBI Race Circuit (Superboat.com) ‘Wheels’ has garnered countless first place and podium wins.

Rollin’ Vengeance underwriters include AlloyCars, Inc. makers of hand-crafted, high performance alloy aluminum sanctioned automobiles that feature the 550 Spyder and the ‘Uhlenhaut’ 300 SLR Silver Arrow,  Vapormone™, a brand new non-nicotine ‘vaping’ product with direct response olfaction, and Aloe Infusion™ a breakthrough in skin reparation, health and beauty are underwriting the race team.    

Onli Beverages, ‘Because Life is Meant to Sparkle’ and Papa’s Pilar Rum, will keep guests and team members hydrated along with special waters from SobeFizz. Team publicist, Rossanna Santoro of VIPictures.com confirms, “Rollin’ V is incorporating a ‘VIP Eco Village and Lounge’ into the proceedings to raise awareness of the enviornmental impact of water pollution.   

Named after Ernest Hemmingway’s famed fishing trawler, Brand Ambassadors Pam Obando and Kyle Atherton confirms, “the Hemingway family donate their royalties to Florida Reef Restoration.” The Officer Snook Water Pollution Program, created in 1993 by Jennifer Sevin, then a high school student, educates children about the causes, effects and solutions to water pollution and will be raising awareness in the Rollin’ V Eco Village Tent.

In 1994, the Officer Snook Program was incorporated into the U.S. Coast Guard Sea Partners Campaign. Since its inception the program targets a variety of audiences, including for the first time Superboat International, and the hundreds of thousands of marine enthusiasts attending the race.

Samplings of Vapormones™, a division of Scientific Scents, an industry leader in olfaction research and products since the late 1990s join the Rollin’V with their healthy alternative, electronic vaping e-juice. This powerful, direct and non-invasive method for mood and behavioral change is the only scientific scent based available in the world today.

Aloe Infusion™ with the main ingredient, Aloe, has been praised since ancient history for its medicinal properties by cultures and civilizations all over the world. There are few herbs, if any, that have more medicinal qualities or therapeutic benefits than Aloe Vera and Aloe Infusion, states Eli Goldberg, Aloe Infusions’ Founder.

The sparkling Onli Waters hosts a cornucopia of rich, natural tropical and exotic flavors; from bold berries, to soothing ginger and edible tropical flowers with flavor overtones that build from the moment they hit the tongue to indescribable delicious elative moments.

SobeFizz, pure products, will be presenting their private label waters that include, ‘Will Call’, ‘Red Dot/ArtBasil’ and ‘Dirty Water’. Owner and spokesmodel Sophia Grigio, states “We distribute the finest quality waters while promoting the ‘Go Green’ initiative.”

Rick modestly confirms, “Our Superboat Stock Class can best be likened to the warm up band for the headline act. Granted the more than million spectators come out for an exhilarating experience overall, but the top billings like Miss Geico and the Spirit of Qatar captained by his Excellency Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani are the real draw.”

“We are a motley crew of die hard super boat enthusiasts (and enviormentalists) and the size of the winning purse and the trophies are second to our collective enthusiasm of qualifying in the race.” Rollin’ Vengeance’s pilot Michael Fosse confirms, “SBI has eight categories with Superboat Unlimited on the top rung and Production 4 on the lower.

Super Stock Class ranks 5th in the pecking order. With speeds in the Super Stock Class that exceed a jaw breaking 110 mph on choppy water, SBI racers must recalibrate every second. This results in a hair-raising experience for audiences and participants alike. “That’s a lot of horse power when you are negotiating an obstacle course while maneuvering 5 tons of fiberglass a mere 50 feet offshore,” states Bieluwka.    

ABnewswire caught up with Rodrick Cox, Director of Marketing for SBI on the closing day of the Miami Int’l Boat Show. According to Cox, “SBI is emphatically spectator friendly. With an 8 city circuit that spans the Eastern Seaboard from Charlotte Harbor 4/13, Cocoa Beach 5/16-18, Sarasota July 2-6, Michigan City August 1-3, Orange Beach August 22, Pensacola August 22-24, New York Sept 5-7, Clearwater September 28 and a grand final in Key West November 2-9.

This sport has captivated the attention of a new thrill seeking, tech savvy generation. Super boat racing has morphed into a family fun adventure with a big tent atmosphere. The SBI of today has come long way from the APBA’s of yesteryear, when the races were miles off shore and spectators consisted of a few high flying seagulls.       

“We estimate there will be over a million beachside and online spectators watching SBI live this year. Combine this with the pleasure boats anchored off shore and countless live streams, local television coverage and online social media fans watching SBI, the number of impressions are incalculable; with sponsor brands and fans the beneficiaries,” says Cox.

Along with appreciative audiences; brand ambassadors and corporate marketers have come on board to support the sport. Big brands like Best Western, Ron Jon Surf Shops, Snow Mountain Brewery and Geico, among many others, see an association with Superboat International as a proxy for quality and brand visibility. Bieluwka confirms even in his class, the Sovereign Miccosukee Tribe and Castronovo Wines were past season sponsors.

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