Richard A Valicek Presents The Collection Of Dark And Stormy Fantasy Books

Richard A. Valicek
Richard A Valicek, a renowned author of the Dark Vampire Fantasy Novels is presenting his latest collection of Vampire Books filled with gruesome passages and dark dungeons. His latest book ‘The world of Alamptria’ is the compilation of Epic Vampire tales.

Richard A Valicek is offering the collection of his Vampire Books. The ‘Dead Path Chronicles’ takes you on a journey to the land of dark way in turbulent realm. This is the time and night of the living dead, where the living of the dark Mountain of Drone appears to unleash their malice and cruelty upon the culture of the free people of Alamptria. 

Speaking to the media, a representative said, “Yes, we are presenting the collection of fantasy books. The stories reveal the secrets of the underworld creatures and their cruel deeds in society.  People love reading these kinds of fantasy books covered with lots of special characters and their malicious behaviours.” He further added, “Richard is working on a number of projects at the same time and soon he is going to launch several new books.”

‘Alamptria: Red Moon Rising’ was the first boom on epic battle fantasy that was published in 2010. The book received a “Bazzillions” Reviewers Choice Award in 2011. Quantum Heights, the latest book by Richard is a memorable story and goes beyond the expectations of readers. This book is the first part of the series of Dead Path Chronicles and it is filled with suspense and thrills.

‘Quantum Heights,’ a book from the series ‘Dead Path Chronicles’ will soon be available as an Ebook on all Amazon outlets; Barnes and Noble, and other retailers.

Richard is rebooting and reworking on the story of Alamptria under the ‘Dead Path Chronicles’. The first part of the series is ‘Quantum Heights’. Readers with interest in thrills and science fiction, adventure, action, amazing settings and exceptional characters must read the ‘Quantum Heights’. This book is expected to be one of the best Vampire Book series.

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Richard A Valicekis an author of the “Dark Vampire Fantasy” Novels who was born in Toronto, Canada. At present he is publishing several stories with an Internet Magazine and is also working on new book series. 

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