Rhythm-Selling Creator and Apple Insider Michael Hageloh Launches New Website, Blog

Creator of the Rhythm-Selling System, Michael Hageloh has launched a new online presence, including a blog covering topics like sales, company culture, and professional networking.

Michael Hageloh, the creator of the Rhythm-Selling System, has spent decades amassing business acumen and experience—including prominent positions with Apple, Adobe, and numerous tech startups, as well as his ongoing relationship with the University of South Florida. Now, he is summoning his ample experience and providing his business insights to the general public—free of charge—through a new website and blog. Hageloh has just launched his first personal website, Hageloh.com, which features information about his life and career, a photo gallery, details about his availability as an event emcee and public speaker, and a regularly updated blog.

“I hope to provide some real value to readers and site visitors on the website,” Hageloh remarks. “I love to speak with people about the topics I’m passionate about, and the topics they’re interested in. This site doesn’t replace face-to-face relationships or public speaking opportunities, but it does provide another outlet for relationship-building.”

Hageloh says he is most excited about the blog, which he will use to expound on current topics that are trending in the worlds of business and technology. In particular, Hageloh will focus many of his blog entries on the topics of corporate culture and sales, which he says have been the twin themes of his career, as well as the tenets of Rhythm-Selling, the process he is credited with creating. “A big part of what I talk about is how sales start with culture, and how having a strong sales culture—whether that’s on a personal or a corporate level—is necessary for success,” he notes.

With the blog, Hageloh hopes to provide practical and actionable tips for entrepreneurs and sales professionals, drawing from his time as a record-breaking sales executive at Apple but also from his current endeavors as an independent business consultant. In addition, Hageloh hopes to offer some advice for those who are seeking career development. “I’ve written a bit about career networking tips and etiquette, and hope to offer more thoughts along those lines,” he affirms. “This is something that stems from my interactions with young people, especially college students who are about to enter the workforce and aren’t necessarily clear on where to go or how to progress.”

The new website also offers some easy ways to connect with Hageloh, including a contact form and information on his public speaking availability.

“My personal mantra is that there is no substitute for relationship, which I believe to be a vital concept in business and in general professional and personal development,” Hageloh concludes. “I hope this new site will offer some new opportunities for relationship-building.”

The site can be accessed at www.hageloh.com.


Serving as director of special projects focused on the sales education initiative at the University of South Florida, Michael Hageloh is a proven sales executive with more than 20 years of experience.

Much of that experience is with Apple Inc., where he began in the company’s education division in 1988. Hageloh moved into a crucial role within Apple’s sales organization. In that role, he developed a vertical education selling strategy and forged relationships with thought leaders, policymakers, and other influencers in the education and technology spheres. He also acquired experience in a key academic sales role at Adobe, where he facilitated, along with French banking and financial services firm Société Générale, a unique single licensing transaction valued at $11.7 million. Overall, Hageloh delivered close to a billion dollars in revenue during the course of his career.

Hageloh can be contacted online via his website, www.hageloh.com, his Facebook page and on Twitter.

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