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Install Rhino fleet tracking and manage your fleet in a hassle free manner. Take complete control of all your vehicles in your fleet, easily monitor and communicate with your truck drivers in seconds with Rhino’s GPS fleet tracking device.

Texas, June 28, 2016 – Rhino Fleet Tracking System allows you to take complete control of all your vehicles in your fleet, as you can easily monitor and communicate with your truck drivers in seconds. With the GPS Fleet Tracking in place, you can ensure that you know exactly how long your drivers have worked, eliminate theft, reduce labor costs and improve safety.

Why Choose Rhino Fleet Tracking?

Operating a fleet of vehicles is not an easy task, as you need to look into various things, including monitoring your trailers and trucks, worry about whether the delivery will be made in time, whether the drivers take too much leisure time and is the trucks being operated for other purposes than the official purpose. All these queries can be answered by installing Rhino GPS Tracking system, which gives you the complete control on each and every fleet in your business.

Reduced Labor Costs

With the Rhino Fleet Tracking System installed in your trucks and trailers, you will know exactly the total hours worked by the driver and don’t need to pay for hours that were spent in leisure time and taking breaks. You can also be able to control the overtime costs as you have the time sheet in your control.

Reduced Fuel Costs

Your fuel costs will be reduced considerably, as your drivers know that the big brother is watching from the back and will stay on course and reach the destinations in the scheduled time.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

With the Rhino Fleet Tracking installed, you’ll get notifications and alerts on when your vehicle is due for maintenance and have it serviced in the due date and hence avoid the high costs involved in vehicle breakdowns.

The Benefits

The ROI or Return on Investment from installing Rhino’s fleet tracker is huge, as you’ll be able to maximize your fleet productivity to a great extent. Every information you need to know about a vehicle in your fleet is at your fingertips, as you can use your phone to get all the details with our application installed in your mobile phone.

Detailed Reporting

You would have direct access to all the information you need related to the no. of stops made, average speed level and mileage information on a particular truck in detailed report formats.

GeoFence Alerts

You can set a certain perimeter and set it as a certain defined area out of which your vehicle should not come out during the journey, or else need to alert the business when doing so. The GPS tracker will largely prevent your drivers taking side jobs or using your vehicle for other purposes.


With less than $0.57 per day, you can save up to 20% of your labor and maintenance costs.

About RhinoFleeTracking.com:

RhinoFleeTracking.com is the expert service provider involved in providing an array of anti theft and tracking solutions such as vehicle tracking solutions, equipment trackers, vehicle trackers, tethered trailer trackers and battery powered trackers to cater to the requirements of all business owners.

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