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11 Jun, 2018 – the online article summarizer was launched today making the daunting task of analyzing complex or argumentative texts simple. With the simple click of the mouse scholars, journalists, writers, and many others can summarize digital documents. With the launch of this unique online service, the uptake of information and understanding of complex articles becomes fast and accessible. Mr. Rony Ep, spokesperson for remarked, “the idea is to make learning and understanding easier for everyone by identifying the most important sections in the text in a matter of seconds.”

A tool that makes learning less time consuming

For scholars or professionals who need to quickly comprehend the gist of volumes of texts comes as a true boon. Wading through page after page of texts and data can be a difficult task when one has a deadline to keep. This is where the online summary generator comes in handy.

There is no need to actually read all of the text to interpret the summary. One simply needs to copy and paste the text into the website and within seconds the summary will be generated. When there is an urgent presentation to be made or an idea to be picked from among hundreds of manuscripts, is the only online summary tool that one needs.

Perfectly suited to multiple users

The powerful summary generator for articles formulated by is designed to suit the needs of multiple disciplines. From students, to scholars, authors and book editors this tool is an invaluable addition to increase their understanding and productivity.

Long gone are the days of having to manually sift through manuscripts to decipher the authors’ ideas and context. Publishers and editors can easily get to the core of the books with the help of this online book summary generator. These are also extremely useful for generating blurbs and summaries for published books and articles.

No need for advanced technical knowledge

The beauty of the online summary tool designed by is its simplicity. One only needs to copy and paste the document that they require to be summarized on the website. The simplicity of the tool makes it effective and easy to use by professionals and students alike.

The online summary maker can effectively work on different types of texts. From articles to scientific texts and advanced information sheets, the online reading tool can deliver results for a wide range of texts. The only criteria are that the texts are well-structured and detailed.

Learning and understanding shouldn’t have to be tedious and time consuming,” said Mr. Rony Ep. “With this simple yet powerful online reading tool we aim to make summarizing articles and texts quick and effective.” He added.


Founded in Paris, France in 2018 was designed as an online service that allows users to summarize their own text and data in a relevant manner. 

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