RESUME WRITING UPDATE: Grammar Chic, Inc. Says Everything You Know about Resume Writing Is Wrong

Amanda E. Clark, president and editor-in-chief of Grammar Chic, Inc., dispels common myths regarding resume writing and underscores the importance of professional resume writing services.

As the key to unlocking the metaphorical doors of opportunity, a resume is an incredibly important document that all job seekers must have in order to be taken seriously by hiring managers and recruiters; however, just any resume simply will not do. Professional resume writing is a field that has evolved because of the need for targeted and polished resumes, cover letters and other documents related to a job search. Amanda E. Clark, president and editor-in-chief of Grammar Chic, Inc., responds in a statement to the press to a recent article published by Forbes. The article highlights several of the myths that individuals buy into regarding resume writing—and why these myths will lead job seekers astray. Clark underscores the crucial nature of hiring a professional when drafting a document as important as a resume and explains how doing so can assist job seekers in avoiding the traps that these myths have created.

While the article puts forth 12 different myths, Clark has targeted the select few that she believes are most widely espoused by job seekers. The first myth is that resumes that are targeted to a certain job are not effective.

“Many individuals may believe that they need a general resume so that they can appeal to a wide range of industries or positions,” asserts Clark. “But this simply is not true. In fact, it’s completely opposite of what job seekers should do. You see, hiring managers and recruiters use scanning software to look for certain keywords that match the competencies and experience that they are trying to find in candidates. Because of this, we highly encourage our clients to have us tailor their documents to the industry and position in which they are interested. For some individuals this means investing in more than one resume—but this is an investment that many people find worthwhile.”

Another myth debunked by the article is that every resume needs an objective statement. This is a statement that, at the very beginning of the document, outlines the intentions of the applicant. Clark remarks that objectives simply waste valuable space on a resume.

“If you are applying to a job, then it’s pretty clear that your intention is to work for the company to which you are applying in the position that you have chosen to apply for,” reasons Clark. “Because of this, it’s virtually meaningless to add an objective to a resume. Instead, the team at Grammar Chic uses this space to craft a summary that goes over the most important skills, both technical and soft, that a candidate brings to the table. This is also a wonderful place to inject a bit of personality into the document by talking about management style and motivation.”

The need to list references is an additional myth that is addressed by the article. Historically, job candidates either list the contact information for their references on their resumes or include a line that indicates that they have references available upon request. Clark agrees that references are an important aspect of the hiring and interviewing process; however, she notes that they have no place on a resume.

“Basically, when you include references on a resume you are distributing personal contact information to businesses and individuals—something that the people who have agreed to provide you with a reference may not appreciate,” explains Clark. “Additionally, it is understood that you will provide references if a company requests them. Like an objective, this is simply a waste of space on the document.”

Clark recommends that job seekers hire professional resume writers to assist them in crafting targeted resumes that are tailored to the industries and jobs to which they plan to apply. Interested individuals are invited to call (803) 831-7444 or email for more information regarding Grammar Chic, Inc.’s resume writing services.  


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