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Building a solid reputation has always been important for businesses that intend to stick around, which is why businesses are always looking for the best online reputation management software. No matter how diligent businesses are in dealing promptly and honestly with customer issues, and no matter how reliable and functional their products are, there will always be a small percentage of customers who will be unhappy.

In the past, this was rarely a major problem because dissatisfied customers were limited in how they could let others know of their discontent. Today, dissatisfied people can login to online review sites and instantly let an unlimited number of potential customers know about their bad experience. That makes it vital for businesses to monitor and respond quickly to negative reviews. Watch this video to get more detials on how it really works:

Not all reviews will be negative, and it is equally important to have a policy in place to respond to positive ones. This builds a good rapport with satisfied customers, and gives you the opportunity to suggest other products or services the happy customer might be interested in. Also, by visiting the Facebook fanpage one may find the answers they need.

Managing negative reviews

Hopefully, your customer service operation will have already tried everything possible to address the customer’s issues. If not, be honest about where your business has fallen down on the issue, and tell people what you have done to ensure the problem will not arise again.


No matter how offensive a reviewer may be, or how unreasonable a complaint may be, you should always adopt a civilized tone in responding to issues raised. Your responses should always be respectful and balanced, and should sound professional.

While it may be difficult to remain cool in dealing with some responses, it pays big dividends. If you reply in a civil and courteous manner to scathing or rude comments, other people will recognize you are the reasonable one and the reviewer is essentially a nasty person.


At all costs, avoid getting into a slanging match with the original reviewer, or anybody else who may add comments supporting that reviewer. Just repeat what your business did to try to resolve the problem, or reiterate the qualities of your products. This can be done in an impersonal fashion.

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Benefiting from reviews

It is always a positive thing to host your own review section, and to actively encourage people to use it. Do not be tempted to censor negative reviews, because people can be quite clever at recognizing when this is happening.

If a product is getting too many negative reviews, then there is clearly something wrong with it. Either drop the product, or improve it until it meets with customer approval.

How to manage reviews

It can be time-consuming checking out reviews. You have to keep track of where they have been posted, and you have to have a consistent approach to responding to reviews on many different sites. You also need to keep track of ongoing chats with reviewers.

Fortunately, there are excellent software tools to make this task much easier. You can allocate a resource or set aside some time each day or week to effectively manage your online presence.

Doing so can even generate additional revenue from negative reviews.

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