Reliving Childhood with Adventures Far From Home by Martha Kerr

Martha Kerr brings to us a beautiful story revolving around the origin of the ancient stone balls of Costa Rica.

Fairbanks, AK – May 1, 2018 – Martha Kerr is thrilled to announce her beautiful storybook which revolves around the origin of the ancient stone balls of Costa Rica. A fanciful adventure awaits the readers who can embark on a journey to unknown lands on a flying sheepskin.

The first story of Adventures Far From Home is set against the backdrop of the wonderland of Costa Rica and how archaeologists found smoothly carved stone spheres of various sizes. How Rose and Carol, the two main characters of the novel, join various other kids to rebuild the landscape that gets destroyed by a volcano forms the rest of the story.

Talking about her book, the author Martha Kerr might have said, “The Story of Adventures Far From Home is quite close to my heart. It talks about all those adventures most of us as kids wished to do. A must for every kid who believes in fairy tales and adventures.”

The kids in the story mostly spend their summer doing various activities like painting flowers, carving tree trunks and branches and taking good care of the baby animals. They meet a boy from Arabia who gives them a ride on a magical flying carpet.

It is at the end of the story that the kids learn why the smoothly carved stone spheres were made. You need to read the story to find out why!”

The book has a second story where Rose and Carol get invited to visit the Winter Festival of the Fairies at the far North. The second story speaks about all those fun adventures they have, and how they solve a problem to make the Winter Festival a success forms the rest of the story. Kids and adults alike would love to read the story that speaks about spending time in an igloo and skating over a frozen lake and much more.

In the third story of the book, their younger brother Andy accompanies an Irish neighbor on a visit to Ireland. While there, they tramp the Irish hills, explore castles, and encounter leprechauns. Then, they have to race down the Shannon River trying to escape leprechauns that are chasing them.

The book Adventures Far From Home is available for online sale at Amazon, and one can purchase the same from the link provided below:





About Martha Kerr

Martha Kerr like many others has always loved the very thought of magic and fairies. She has an exceptional love for her nieces and nephews and started writing her very first story as a gift to her oldest niece, Sharon Rose. She loves ice and snow as much as she loves fairies and this is what inspired her to move to Fairbanks, Alaska, where she enjoys the snow and the magic of the Northern Lights.

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