New York, United States – 11th October, 2017 – Refanala introduces a new product called high vibrational jewelry and orgonite pendants for healthy living.Their vision is to bring Refanala’s high vibrational solutions such as high vibrational jewelry and orgonite pendant to every home around the globe.

Refanala believes that everything around us is made up of some energy. No matter which objects you are trying to observe, they will contain some form of energy. Everything around us has energy and a certain vibration. Moreover, all healing comes through vibration. High vibration is a fantastic and powerful path to both healing and maintaining wellbeing.

Refanala product ranges from Orgonite Pendants to High Vibrational Jewelry to High Vibrational herbs to High Vibrational books to High Vibrational arts to EMV protection to frequency healings.

We know that energy surrounds us in every possible form, whether through light, sound, aromas, or even touch. This, in turn, influences our physical form, our body. So to make a difference in the physical body, we can send energetic impulses, e.g., frequencies that in turn will send information through these impulses to alter the physical form.

Orgonite Pendants is one of the products of Rafanala’s team which are a multi-dimensional energetic healing tool that can improve and maintain the balance of both physical and spiritual well-being. They are carefully hand-crafted with specially chosen stones, crystals, and other materials to aid in supporting the soul’s highest purpose.

There are several benefits every person will get by using orgonite pendant. Its major function is to reduce every negative energy in the surrounding environment to make a person satisfied and content with the surroundings. It’s also provides energy and strength to the immune system, its balances the energy field (aura) and energy centers (chakras) in a way that serves the soul’s highest purpose, its enhances mental and spiritual abilities, its encourages focus, creativity and has a positive effect on the improvement of memory and faster learning. Orgonite pendants aids in regenerating and healing.

ABOUT Refanala

Refanala is a New York based company and on-line web store: It was founded by a group of enthusiasts with the common mission of improving people’s well being at home and work. They have conceptualized and produced solutions for healthier living. Their products can restore and improve health and calm. Quality of life is our top priority: Their major objective is to make the world a better, healthier, calmer place!

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