Recent Updates on EU E-Cigarette Legislation Slammed by Electronic Cigarette Advocates

Many Europeans are switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes for health purposes.
Legislation over e-cigs in the European Union could have a negative effect as smokers continue to use tobacco as they are not aware of the healthier electronic alternative.

In February 2014, a meeting of the European Parliament took place in France, and members approved draft proposals concerning tougher legislation of electronic cigarettes and very tight controls over marketing e-cigarettes and related products vaping products.

Of the members present, 500 voted in favor of tougher new rules, while 63 members voted against. A further 60 members abstained from voting at all.

E cig reviews website owner, Daniel Archibald-Jones claims the ruling is reckless as getting the word out about the benefits of a cigarettes will be a lot tougher. Daniel said, “Myself and many other people I have met both online and in my town have given up smoking cigarettes thanks to switching to electronic cigarettes. While I am not claiming smoking electronic cigarettes is better than not smoking anything at all, there is no doubt in my mind that I would still be smoking 40 cigarettes a day if the alternative had not been available. I feel that the new legislation is irresponsible, and am concerned that far too many people will continue smoking regular tobacco and cigarettes with dire consequences to their health when it does not have to be that way.”

The new laws will come into effect in 2016. It is believed that shops in Europe will continue to be able to stock electronic cigarettes as consumer products, but this is not 100% certain because earlier proposals stated the product should be classified as medicinal, and any member state of the EU may determine that electronic cigarettes should be sold only in its pharmacies.

Advertising electronic cigarettes and describing the benefits of making the switch will be banned in all 28 EU member countries.

The amount of nicotine present in cartridges used by electronic cigarette smokers will be limited to a maximum level of 20 mg. While this would probably be enough for a light smoker as a replacement, heavy smokers of strong cigarettes may not find the same satisfaction with this fairly low-level.

Another proposal that Mr Archibald-Jones finds worrying is that if three member countries decide to ban a certain cartridge, that product can be banned from all member states at European Union level.

In addition, each e-cigarette packaging will have to carry a warning that ingesting nicotine may be harmful, along with other ingredients contained therein such as flavourings such as mental or tobacco flavor.

Traditional cigarettes have not escaped tougher legislation — members of the European Parliament have ruled cigarette packaging must now have a graphic pictorial warning about the dangers of smoking and the effect on consumers health, that covers at least 65% of the entire pack.

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