Recent Study Based On UK’s Traffic Health Issues Reveal How Stress Levels Are Correlated To Mode Of Commute

According to the recent study, the ride to work and back happens to have a significant impact on a person’s well being. UK’s traffic health sector highlights the main medium of commute to be motorbikes for a reason.

Commuting is found to be a leading cause of stress and mental pressure due to the reasons associated with it like congested roads, overcrowded public transports and more; the employees need to be stress-free when commuting to work and back to perform well.

The aim behind the survey was to mainly identify why people ride to work using motorbikes and how that ends up for them in being stress-free. Over 400 riders shared their opinions in that conducted survey. 64% said they opted this mode to save time while the remaining 46% did it to save money.

Many people are opting for the motorbikes to travel back and forth from place to place in order to save time and money. But often at times, we plan on selling our old bike to a new one or look up to a better option. In that case again in order to save time its best to sell it online and get the best rates against it like on instant valuation page.

Along with buying a new bike or selling one, there was a clear consensus on what needs to be done by transport planners and local authorities to help bike riders.  They ranged from more secure parking, lane widths and improved road surfaces to allow safe filtering, which is legal in the UK.

Additionally, as many towns and cities around the UK introduce cycle lanes, there is a distressing trend concerning the narrowing of normal traffic lanes, narrow lanes will ultimately increase the risk to riders, many respondents in the survey suggesting road planners should think again.

Tony Campbell, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, which conducted the survey for its Ride to Work Week Campaign said: “With the increasing number of commuters turning to Motorcycles and Scooters to travel to work, and the large rise in Small Parcel & Food delivery by Powered Two Wheelers, Government both national and local must think carefully as to how this can be encouraged and accommodated safely.” 

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