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Powerful New Formula for Essential Tremor
Tremor Miracle is a new and powerful formulation for those suffering from Essential Tremor. Using natural ingredients that stimulate vasodilation and healthy blood flow, this supplement is life-changing. By supporting the body’s natural production of nitric oxide, Tremor Miracle restores systemic health to the body’s neuro processes. For most, healing begins immediately and becomes observable within the first 30 days. However, its positive effects continue with use over the long term.

Real Science Nutrition has launched a new product focusing on Essential Tremor, a condition affecting an estimated 200 million sufferers, worldwide. In the US alone, some 10 million individuals are impacted by this disorder. Essential Tremor is widely recognized as the most common movement disorder in neurology.

The condition is also known as benign tremor or familial tremor and affects both men and women of all ages and every ethnicity. It does, however, become more obvious with age and is sometimes referred to as an “old-age tremor.” Experts recognize it as a progressive disease increasing in severity with age.

An All-natural Formula

Real Science Nutrition has developed an all-natural formulation designed to enhance blood circulation and promote neurological health in the body. It is not a cure for Essential Tremor. Rather, TremorMiracle has been specifically designed to reduce tremors in the hands, legs, head and feet by supporting the overall effectiveness of neuro-transmission in the body.

Frequently, the effects of TremorMiracle are observable within weeks of beginning the daily treatment routine. And, in addition to short-term results, the sustained and increasing effectiveness of TremorMiracle can be observed over months and years of daily treatment.

Remedies of the Past

Thus far, an acceptable cure for essential tremor has been elusive. Some in the medical community would say it simply does not exist.  

In years past, treatment of Essential Tremor has ranged from herbal-recipes to surgical intervention. Multiple procedures and solutions have been proposed and some have yielded positive measurable results – but often with less than desirable side-effects. Others have had no effect, whatsoever. While scientists continue to pursue a solution, our formulators have created a new and effective treatment.


Tremor Miracle is a drink-powder consisting of a “stack” of natural ingredients focused on circulatory health and neuro-wellness. A once or twice-a-day glass of water mixed with TremorMiracle will immediately begin to create enhanced blood-flow and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to neurons and receptors throughout the body.  

Our key active-ingredients are a blend of amino acids (L-Arginine / L-Citruline) which provide a foundation for effective delivery of our proprietary blend of optimizing ingredients. The desired effect of restoring a healthy and functioning neuro-transmitting system, begins to build in the body. And, the process will continue over time.

Other Benefits 

In connection with industry researchers, our founder has developed Tremor Miracle with the specific goal of treating his own essential tremor – a condition which he originally observed fifty-plus years ago. But, in addition to the dramatic effect on his tremor, he and others have noted secondary benefits of energy, endurance, freedom from nagging joint pain and a clear boost to their immune systems. One customer even remarked, “yes… it is helping my tremor… but more important to me is that my feet no longer hurt!” Consumers are more than satisfied with the results.


The medical community recognizes that we all respond differently to remedies and treatment. However, the science behind Tremor Miracle demonstrates that a specific combination of amino acids and vitamins will both enhance and sustain vasodilation throughout the body, thereby improving the effectiveness of overall neurotransmission generally.

The research goes beyond that simple explanation, but suffice it to say that thus far Tremor Miracle is unique in its ability to deliver healing to weakened neurotransmission.  

Real Stories from Real People

Reading a couple of anecdotes from customers is good … but we wish that you could hear the emotion in their voices!

Marvin is a retired businessman living in Florida:

“My hands used to shake so much that I have not been able to sign my own name for over 5 years. After two weeks of taking Tremor Miracle, I can again sign my own name in my own handwriting. And, I am taking my wife out to dinner tonight because, I can now hold a fork in my hand without embarrassment!“

Note: Marvin now writes about us in his online blog.

Catherine bought Tremor Miracle for her mother:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I purchased a single jar for my mom 3 months ago. Wasn’t sure if she would try it but I was so sad for her not being able to keep score at bridge anymore… just carrying a cup of coffee from the kitchen to the table required 2 hands… the first day she tried it, she noticed a difference but didn’t say anything as I think she didn’t want to get her hopes up. Each day improved. By the time 2 weeks had passed, she was soooo happy… it has now been 2 months. She is scoring at bridge, carrying full cups with no issue, writing, doing needle work and her crosswords… I can’t recommend this product enough. For my mom, there has only been one side effect and that is extended periods of smiling!!  

Our Founder’s Story

Our founder is a practicing attorney. He is not a doctor or life-science researcher, but he is the one that actually came upon the ingredient stack that led to the development of our current Tremor Miracle formula.

“I first noticed my hands shaking when I was 14 years old. At the time, it was slight and meant nothing to me. But later in life the tremor became constant and obvious to everyone. When I reached my 50s, I began to ask my doctor about it who gave it a name, assured me that it was benign and basically recommended that I not worry about it.  

But, it was an embarrassment, and with age, it had even become a bit of a disability. I tried herbs and natural remedies without success. I even began to have a glass of grape juice or red wine… once a day… per my physician’s suggestion. But, I was never quite sure that anything I was doing was really working. 

Then, in a conversation completely unrelated to my tremor, a friend gave me a supplement he was recommending for general health purposes. A few days later, I raised a small cup to my mouth to take a sip of water. I tossed the cup away… and then realized what had just happened.  

I had done it perfectly. No out of control shaking in the usual “danger zone.” No extra efforts to steady the cup. No spilling. And, no tremor! I then went to work to understand what had happened and, nearly three years later, Tremor Miracle is the result.

This is a sustainable solution with positive effects that increase over time!

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