RDAP DAN is Helping White Collar Convicts Emerge a Winner at Every Step of their Journey

White collar criminals need not fear conviction, and there are several ways in which they can come out successfully and lead a normal, good life. RDAP DAN is an expert consultancy and coaching service which is helping them prepare, understand and make the right moves at every stage of the process.

RDAP DAN is a one-of-its-kind consultancy that took shape from personal experiences of Dan Wise, who has seen the legal and prison systems from inside out, Dan now wants to help other white criminals overcome their tribulations with the best possible outcomes. The services are geared towards first time offenders, white collar workers facing a trial, those serving prison time, and ex-convicts who are beginning on a new life journey out of prison.

Our goal is to over prepare white collar workers before they go to prison, during stay, and after their release. We take a delicate situation and help to turn your life around to make the very best of this difficult circumstance. This is our pledge, this is our goal!” says Dan Wise.

RDAP DAN offers practical assistance so that white collar convicts can successfully navigate through prison time, sharing insights into doing the right things while in prison, what the prison conditions are like, and how to survive and carry oneself. It offers a unique Success Method to obtain the competitive RDAP (Residential Drug Abuse Program) by avoiding common mistakes such as misclassification.

Apart from practical help, RDAP DAN also works with prisoners to obtain a reduction in prison sentence. The team works to polish the personal narrative, character reference letters, and uses mentor networks and helps in PSR interview preparation. Convicts get to understand what actions will impress the judge and thus to be in the best position while being sentenced.

To ensure a bright future post prison time, RDAP DAN offers business advice and assistance through the RDAP Dan Federal Prison Training Program. The program reveals how to make the best out of post-prison life, the importance of owning up, setting up a productive routine while in prison, understanding personal goals, creating a friendly network, and the importance of starting small.

Dan Wise began his career as a Federal Prison Consultant after successfully navigating the federal prison system, culminating in his early release and a passion for assisting others facing federal prison time. Dan blends in-depth knowledge regarding RDAP and the federal prison system with positive coaching and a proven method of helping clients position themselves for the best possible outcome. When he’s not assisting clients, you can find Dan working out or spending time with his family and his pets. Three words that describe Dan are: professional, caring and helpful.

RDAP DAN offers a free consultation and details can be obtained on its official website.


Let your attorney fight for you in court; let us prepare you for the fight. Our proprietary Success Method combines the strengths of an experienced Prison Consultant and a Registered Coach to make sure you do the right things to best position yourself for RDAP and possible sentence reduction. Our team also offers special support for families of those facing incarceration in federal prison.

For more information, please visit: www.rdapdan.com

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