Rayvision Upgrades To The High Speed Aspera Transmission Engine

Rayvision augment their render farm services by incorporating a high-speed Aspera engine in their systems for flexible data transmission purposes.

June 23, 2015 – Rayvision is acknowledged for providing high quality rendering services to computer graphics and animation studios all over the world. With over 1000 projects in their bag, the technology they use in all their systems is up to date. Now, with the high-speed Aspera transmission engine, they have further optimized their processes.

At a recent conference, a spokesperson for Rayvision said, “Keeping up with the latest advances in technology has led us where we are today. Every day, we learn something new and with the Aspera, we have optimized the data transmission process enabling us to provide the best available services to all our clients.”

The Aspera engine, solely used for the purpose of data transmission makes the overall user experience for clients flexible and unproblematic. Users can upload or download files at high speed, leaving them free from the hassle of having to wait for many days.

In addition, the best part about this high speed transmission engine is that it guarantees data security. The Aspera has the capability to encrypt data throughout the transmission process, ensuring protection and safety.

“With distances reduced due to technological advancements, we realize that teams need to collaborate over long distances for the exchange of data. Especially when it comes to film making, the different teams involved require a specific portal where they can easily access, upload and download important data. Our upgrade to the Aspera engine has saved clients on time, enabling us to provide them with the best cloud rendering services all over the world!” added the representative.

In addition to stability and security of data transmission and access, Rayvision has a competent support and service team, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About the Company

Rayvision Inc. is an internet technology company that specializes in research into cluster rendering and parallel computing technology, providing computing services for cloud rendering. It is the pioneer of ‘self service could rendering’. Renderbus, its brand, was the first company in China to offer a cloud-rendering platform.

For the purpose of providing consistent service for CG studios in the world, RAYVISION Inc. launched a family brand, “RAYVISION”, globally, based on Renderbus (its domestic brand) and FoxrenderFarm (its overseas brand), in 2014. Rayvision promises to provide global users with more excellent, stable and consistent cloud rendering service.

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