Randy Blaylock VP of eFlex Systems Discusses Intersection of Paperless Work Instruction and IIoT Cobots

Randy Blaylock, VP of Sales for eFlex Systems, recently discussed the intersection of paperless work instruction and IIoT cobots in the recent issue of Robotics and Automation News magazine.

Blaylock shared, “Cobots are specifically designed to work together with people. Instead of being caged, they work in a cooperative environment and assist with complex tasks that cannot be fully automated. Cobots hand components to human coworkers, who execute the more precise assembly or quality control tasks.”

Because cobots are designed to work seamlessly together with their human colleagues, they immobilize at the slightest touch thanks to sophisticated sensors, to prevent any danger to nearby people. Flexible and teachable moments co-exist for cobots and production workers. Cobots are easy to program and some cobot models even learn independently. A technician performing a movement with the robot arm, permits the cobot to automatically reproduce that movement. Other systems can be given work instructions without coding, using a graphic user interface. Employees flexibly reprogram cobots and use them for a variety of tasks.

Paperless work instructions are a mandated standard across all manufacturing sectors.  Automotive, aerospace, clean rooms, biomedical, and other manufacturing facilities are now integrating cost-effective work instructions for both people and cobots. Thanks to cloud-based solutions, the technology necessary to collect the required data, can affordably and automatically generate best practice lean manufacturing solutions.

eFlex Systems developed the only Job Element Monitoring (JEM) – Work Instruction Software, used by several Fortune 500 companies; now migrating to even the smallest manufacturing facilities.

JEM enhances decentralized decisions for humans and cobots offering the ability of cyber-physical systems to make decisions on their own and to perform their tasks as autonomously as possible. Only in the case of exceptions, interferences, or conflicting goals, are tasks delegated to a higher level.

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