Randall E. Toby Continues the Magnificent Mentoring Group

Magnificent Men Mentoring Group at Berklely college
Randall E. Toby Continues the Magnificent Mentoring Group at Berkley College on Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

New York based Magnificent Men Mentoring Group announced that their next event will be held at the Berkley College 12 East 41 Street New York, N.Y. 10017 on  Wednesday, April 16th, 2014. The event will begin at 6:00 PM and last until 8PM.

Founder and Executive Director Randall E. Toby made the announcement on Philadelphia’s Michael D. Martins show, Love, Power and Joy which airs Sunday nights on FM HDMS.

Magnificent Men Mentoring Group is a mobile mentoring organization that holds quarterly meetings in New York, Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. Their goal is to provide men with guidance from their peers to make healthier life choices, be better leaders in the community as well as at home. Their workshops includes such topics as: 7 Ways to Be a Better Dad, How to Succeed With a Criminal Background, Don’t let a mistake keep you from your Destiny and Understanding your Finances.

“There is such a tremendous need for men of color to be role models for the next generation,” Randall says. “We know life is not fair, however we can either complain or step up and do something about it because we all are responsible for our own failure or success. Our team really has a positive effect and there is nothing so powerful as helping someone to be self-empowered and overcome their challenges.”

Randall E. Toby is a motivational speaker and trainer who works with those that some consider disenfranchised. He has been providing job readiness training to welfare recipients as well as men and women with a criminal background in a State funded back to work program in Harlem, New York. “Due to the overwhelming response from the clients I have decided to take my skills outside the program and create Magnificent Men,” says Mr. Toby who founded the Magnificent Men Mentoring Group in 2012.

Magnificent Men Mentoring Group will meet quarterly and feature speakers including community leaders, politicians, and members of the private sector. To find out more about Magnificent Men Mentoring Group please call  609-846-8064 or go to http://mm-mg.org

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