Rachel Gilmore Puts a New Perspective on Weight Loss Plateaus for Those Striving to Get in Summer Shape

As summer brings about new diet and outdoor fitness trends, Rachel Gilmore offers healthy solutions to help others break through weight loss plateaus.

For Rachel Gilmore, health and wellness professional, summer can be an exciting time in terms of fitness, as it is a season that offers warmth, renewed excitement and activity. However, she notes that it is also a period when many become self-conscious about weight loss goals and health progress, especially as they strive to get in summer swimsuit shape.

According to a recent article from Prevention, those who are hitting weight loss plateaus may have a diet regime to blame. However, Gilmore takes a different perspective when it comes to these “dead ends” and notes that plateaus are often a trick of the mind. She explains, “Many people see plateaus as a sign of failure, that their progress has come to a halt. However, it is important to recognize that plateaus are not always the standstills they appear to be.”

Gilmore notes that many who have worked steadily to improve body strength and achieve weight loss only may not find that they are shedding pounds as they had expected. She responds, “When you feel like you are not losing weight the way you were originally, you have to look at your plateau from a new perspective. A person may be burning fat but replacing it with muscle, causing the scale to stay the same—or even increase. I urge all those feeling a slowdown to look at their progress from another angle; if you feel better, are exercising regularly and eating healthy—you are still making progress.”

While plateaus may actually be just a different phase in a person’s weight loss journey, Gilmore notes that there are additional ways to push through, aside from adopting a new outlook. For instance, Gilmore trusts in the diverse range of healthy weight loss products provided through Isagenix to help keep goals on track and to diet in a balanced fashion.

As an independent business leader who represents Isagenix products, Gilmore can help many of those facing weight loss plateaus discover which solutions work best with their goals and lifestyle. While Gilmore is trusted by many to guide them through choosing natural weight loss solutions, she is also recognized for helping individuals achieve greater heights in their career. Today, Gilmore leads a strong Isagenix team and continues to welcome budding professionals to join the venture in helping others find success through this unique line of health solutions.

To learn more about the products and business opportunities that Rachel Gilmore offers to those looking for a new chapter, visit her website. Gilmore can also be contacted directly at (704) 819-3054 or rachel@wellnessridge.com.


Rachel Gilmore is a business leader inspired to encourage whole health and wellness in every individual aiming to make a positive change in their life. As the founder of Wellness Ridge and an Isagenix representative, Gilmore takes a comprehensive approach to achieving weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals. For more information on Gilmore’s business coaching and healthy living programs, visit rachelgilmore.org. Those interested in whole health, fitness and stress management are also invited to follow Rachel Gilmore on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

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