RACE FOR THE TOP: The Premier Reality TV Series that Searches Out and Highlights Crowdfunding Heroes

6 September, 2017 – Introducing RACE FOR THE TOP, the first ever reality TV series that highlights the rise and fall of crowdfunding heroes, entrepreneurs and their businesses that rely on crowdfunding to make their dreams a reality.

RACE FOR THE TOP is a view of the world of entrepreneurship lifestyle and the challenges that accompany such lifestyle. The RACE FOR THE TOP series explores start-ups before, during and after their crowdfunding campaigns. The audience gets insights of the struggles, the pull on family life and the emotional roller-coaster that accompanies the entrepreneurial lifestyle, especially when launching a new company.

“RACE FOR THE TOP promises to showcase the effort, struggles, celebrations and victories for the crowdfunding entrepreneurs that you are supporting as they stake their futures on the success of their projects.  One will get an inside view of what it takes to create, run and fulfill on a campaign’s promises,” said Peter Gantner the media contact person of RACE FOR THE TOP.

The show is a collaborative effort between e360tv and other partners including award-winning production company NBTV Studios, crowdfunding community kulaBrands™ and several media distributors. It features Jeff Hoffman, the popular host, serial entrepreneur from Priceline.com, Ubid.com, kulaBrands co-founder and other renowned companies with potential audience of 12-15 million.

Crowdfunding is an important contributor to the democratization of innovation the biggest paradigm shift in innovation since the Industrial Revolution. This show highlights those that dare to dream and also amplifies the crowdfunding movement through modern digital media.

The funding threshold of $40,000 is the first step to achieving the set goals of breaking ground on the first episode of RACE FOR THE TOP. Normally, a production like this will cost $60,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce. However, the partners and contractors that have been brought together for this project are putting their time and resources into the first episodes of RACE FOR THE TOP at no charge or a reduced rate because they believe in the vision and the philosophy of crowdfunding to help entrepreneurs change the world for the better.

It can be viewed from device that is connected to the internet including but not limited to android or IOS devices, laptop, internet-connected TVs including Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon Fire.

For more detailed information on Race For The Top, please visit http://kck.st/2uDtR9P

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