QualiaSoft Presents “Soul Unleashed” – A brand new type of Adventure RPG!

Create an original character of your own!
A new sense of adventure RPG “Soul Unleashed” out on April 28th 2015

Rekindle the adult’s lost sense of adventure with this revolutionary new Smartphone Game!

In a world where RPGs decide your destiny for you, take it all into your hands. With your fully customizable character, each decision, conversation and action you take will lead you down a different path. Explore the village, talk to the characters, receive quests, and create your own adventure in a world of magic and combat.

Define your own destiny!

Embark on adventures that are triggered by your actions and explore abandoned caves, mysterious forests and dark secrets as you search for treasure, beat monsters and find your own destiny.

Explore the beginning of this fascinating RPG world through the lite version, where you can go up to level 5 and experience about 10% of the story. Then take the adventure further with the full version.

Enjoy the unique world of Soul Unleashed. 

The New Genre of “Adventure RPG”

This new genre of Fantasy RPG draws inspiration from the PC games of the ’80s where the table-based RPG and TCGs defined gaming. Now in the Smartphone era, this style of gaming has been revolutionized into a new genre.

Creating your own character – over 50000 different combinations possible!

Gender, height, skin, hair, eyes, the appearance of your own character can have over 50,000 different combinations. In addition to this, you can customize your attacks from 7 different systems with 160 different varieties.

Once in a lifetime meetings “random matching”

Your team will be randomly generated within the game, but these aren’t just NPCs from the system, but instead other player’s unique characters. With this uniquely generated team, face the risks of adventure together in this exciting RPG. With each different combination of characters, you can experience unique and different outcomes to each adventure you embark on. 

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Application Name

Soul Unleashed

Release Date

April 28th 2015


Full: $4.99 / Lite: Free

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iPhone, iPad, Android (iOS 7.0 onwards, Android OS 4.0 onwards)


QualiSoft (http://qualiasoft.co.jp/)

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