Pure-C Formula Brings the Powers of Natural Vitamin C with Fresh and Vegan Supplement Pills

London, UK – September 19, 2016 – Fad diets and popular supplements have a long way to catch up when it comes to receiving a full, nourishing or safe dose of vitamins, especially the essential Vitamin C. NRG Vault has recently launched a 100% natural and safe supplement, Pure-C Formula, to ensure that every one can consume an adequate amount of this healing and growth vitamin.

Pure-C Formula contains natural Vitamin C extracted from rich sources such as acerola cherry, blackcurrant, rosehip, parsley leaf, and elderberry. A mix of five such herbs, the formula delivers immediate and exceptions results. Vitamin C is a well-known anti-oxidant whose deficiency is known to cause such health issues as scurvy, lower immunity, delayed wound healing and bleeding gums. An adequate amount of the vitamin delivers many benefits such as relief from cold and allergies, anti-aging effect, protection from stress, and improved cholesterol. Pure-C Formula is a vegan suitable health supplement, and a single pill contains more Vitamin C than a cup of orange or broccoli.

The food supplement is manufactured by NRG Vault in the UK under GMP guidelines, and is a food supplement and not a medicine. The product does not require a doctor’s prescription, can be bought online and shipping is available for global orders. NRG Vault Company was founded in 2016 with the mission of providing pure and natural formulations that deliver immediate and exceptional results when combined with proper nutrition.

Pure-C Formula is rich in Vitamin C, does not contain artificial Ascorbic acid, and contains antioxidants that are good for your heart health and can play a role in reducing cell-damage from free radicals,” David Menotti

For more Information please visit:  www.purecformula.com

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