Pump Authority Published A Detailed Guide On HGH For Muscle Building.

Providing the most detailed and comprehensive guide on everything health and fitness related, Pump Authority dove headfirst into the subject of muscle building with the help of  HGH supplements. The team at Pump Authority meticulously researched information, consulted experts and compiled a detailed guide.

HGH or human growth hormone is one of the basic hormones present in the human body. This hormone helps in the growth of the body and starts working since the childhood and stops working after the age of 21. Hence, the body does not produce HGH anymore, so the scientists have developed an artificial method to induce this hormone through injections or supplements.

HGH is basically produced in the pituitary gland of the brain and is responsible for the production of cell generation and growth. This hormone is most commonly used by athletes, bodybuilders, for anti-aging and those who wants to lose weight quickly. HGH has been made available to the public, especially for those with HGH deficiency. This hormone helps to boost up muscle performance and to give better results. The hormones are really beneficial as it works for

• Anti-aging: It helps to produce collagen that makes the skin look younger and moisturized.

• Weight loss: HGH fastens up the metabolism and helps to reduce excessive fat by burning calories.

• Bodybuilding: It travels to the liver and helps the muscles to grow faster and gives a perfect physique, but along with the use of these injections a regular workout should be done.

Initially, these hormones were used by athletes as well, but later on, it was banned by the government due to some safety issues. The other benefits may include regulates body consumption, regulates body fluid, muscles and bones growth and sugar and fat metabolism, rapidly builds muscles and strong bones, increases libido and energy muscles, breaks down fat tissues, improves sleep with less risk of awakening in the middle of the night. The hormone is also known to improves sexual performance and heart and kidney health, tighter muscles, faster metabolism, healthier skin collagen and faster recovery.

These hormones can be taken in 2 forms one is through injections and the other is by using supplements. It is highly recommended for the user to concern a doc before using these HGH injections. Whereas the supplements can be bought over the counter and can be used according to the prescriptions.  Normally 3-4 IU is ideal for bodybuilders, 2 IU for those using for anti-aging and 1-2 IU for weight loss freaks.

Along with its benefits, HGH can have various side effects too. Excessive use of these hormones can lead to acromegaly that is a growth of cells on face, bones, intestine and many other muscles on the body. The side effects can be of various types, including swelling, joint pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, insulin resistance and high risk of an increase in diabetes along with headache digestive problems etc.

HGH is easily available for sale through the internet, however, before buying these hormones a detailed search should be done and maximum information should be gathered from the physicians.

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