PTZOptics releases new open source camera control plugin for OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

With millions of users, our free OBS plugin has the power to transform video productions around the world
PTZOptics the professional pan, tilt and zoom camera manufacturer has built an open source PTZ camera plugin for the popular live streaming software OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). OBS is used by 80% of the live streaming market and the PTZOptics plugin brings professional broadcast quality camera controls to the software.

Philadelphia, PA – Today PTZOptics announces the release of a new PTZ camera plugin for Open Broadcaster Software. This pan, tilt, zoom control plugin is built specifically for PTZOptics cameras and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) users. Open Broadcaster Software is the industries most popular live video production software with millions of users around the world. The PTZOptics camera control plugin will be available for free, bringing professional camera controls directly into the software.

“With millions of users, our free OBS plugin has the power to transform video productions around the world,” says Paul Richards, PTZOptics Chief Streaming Officer. “We currently have thousands of customers using Open Broadcaster Software who can now simplify their video production workflows with this PTZ camera plugin.” The PTZOptics OBS plugin is now available on the PTZOptics downloads page along with the camera companies popular open source control software.

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“We have designed these cameras to be flexible enough that technically inclined clients can customize their experience to fit their specific video production needs. The cameras include advanced TCP, UDP and HTTP control commands that developer such as NewTek, Wirecast, and vMix have all already implemented directly into their video production solutions,” says Richards. “Now that OBS has plugin support for the NewTek® NDI IP protocol the program is becoming a tool for high-end broadcasts and e-sports game streamers alike.”

Interested parties can learn more on the OBS Forums here

PTZOptics OBS plugin supports the following features:

  1. Control PTZOptics cameras over an IP connection (LAN)
  2. Control up to 8 cameras with quick camera switching
    1. Ability to name each unique camera
  3. Set up to 9 camera presets
    1. Ability to name each unique preset
  4. Advanced camera controls
    1. Pan, Tilt and Zoom Speeds
    2. Iris Controls
    3. Focus Controls
  5. Advanced Preset Mode
    1. Calls Presets with Focus

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