Proper Shooting Form and The Importance of Spin

Shooting a basketball is probably the most essential skill for any player to learn. From a three pointer, short mid range jumper, and of course the all important free throw, proper shooting form will help you excel and lead your team to victory. Knowing the can help one team to dominate the game of basketball.

So what exactly is proper shooting form and how does the release of the ball impact the shot overall?

First of all your dominant hand is going to be used to “push” the ball towards the basket while your off hand serves as a guide and stabilizer. However pushing the ball is not enough. The ball actually needs to roll off the fingertips of the hand as it is being pushed. Watching the video on one can learn the new tactics of running a triangle offense.

This rolling action puts a spin on the ball that will impact the air speed of the ball and its impact at the rim.

So why does this matter?

It would not matter if you had the superhuman ability to make a shot that touched nothing but net every time. Of course even for the best shooter in the NBA that would be an impossible feat. This is where the importance of the spin comes into play. When a flat shot with no spin hits the rim it impacts with a tremendous amount of force and has a powerful bounce that moves in relation to the shot. By visiting the site one can improve his/her shooting skills.

This means that it is highly likely that the shot will miss if it hits the rim.

On the other hand when the ball is shot with proper spin its force is dampened when it hits the rim. The bounce will move in conjunction with the spin instead of the trajectory of the shot. Since the spin is a backspin the movement of the ball after it bounces will be up and toward the basket thereby increasing the chances of the shot going in. Visiting the site of may help one with shooting the ball properly.

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