Prominent Stock Trader Reviews The 50% Discount for the Fous4 Dvd’s and Fous Elite Discounts

Cameron Fous a swing trader and day trader who is a guru on has decided to give a summer discount that is for a limited time period, we look into whether is it worth taking this opportunity to buy his course and alerts.

Cameron Fous is a stock trader who trades of largly technical analysis so his trading course inevitably is about finding the patterns to open a trade and make a profit. His fous 4 dvd is about swing trading which is opening a trade for several days or weeks and making a profit as it starts to rise. Cameron Fous trading strategy is based on buying breakouts in stocks and using the 13 Ema as a guide to tell you when to exit the stock.

Cameron Fous also has a another dvd the Fous 4×2 which is a sequal to the the original swing trading version Fous4. Fousx2 is a dvd Mr.Fous made to teach his day trading strategies but it is required you watch the original Fous4 so you understand what he is teaching. These dvd’s are $497 each but you can buy both of them as a bulk offer for $897. Cameron Fous has now released a summer sale discount which takes 50% of the price of these dvd’s. When you go to purchase the dvd’s it will ask you for a code just type in summer and you will get the discount the dvd’s will now cost $448.50. Cameron Fous has also got a discount for his elite which cost $197 per month or $2,364 a year, the discount will now make it $147 for the month but for the year it will charge you $1,421.40 which will save you almost a $1000.

Cameron Fous is a trader with over $600,000 profits trading penny stocks and other small cap stocks. Small cap and penny stocks have the potential to rise to 100% within days unlike blue chips stocks like apple which will make a 3% gain in a month and cost you $90 plus. Learning how to trade small caps can be ideal for the small trader who hasn’t got millions of dollars behind him. Cameron Fous dvds have had great success with the amount of sales and great reviews with 35 5star rating’s on investimonials 5 4star ratings 2 3star ratings 2 2star ratings and only 2 1star ratings. With 17 times more people who gave a 5star rating than those who gave it a 1 star which is really impressive and it is rated in the top 10 traders dvd’s out of over 300 others. You can go get your discount at Cameron Fous website and remember the 50% discount code is summer.  

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