Prominent Marketer Releases New Video Exposing The Truths About Traffic Genesis Course

Traffic Genesis Review – Internet marketing of any kind is about drawing traffic to your website. If you can draw traffic, then you can make money. Unfortunately, most websites are never visited by many people and these websites are in the ghost town of the internet where dreams go to die. Many of these sites are owned by service companies who do not know how to draw traffic, they simply think that having a website is enough but they are wrong. What good is a website if no one visits it? The answer is that it is worthless. This article is about how to make your website an asset. For more information one can read the – Traffic Genesis Review thread.

For 2014, the best traffic sources have not changed much from last year or the year before. If you are in the search engine game, then Google is your daddy. If you can do good SEO, if you can get positive rankings on Google Plus/Maps and if you have the budget for PPC marketing, then Google is your friend. More information may be seen on the – Traffic Genesis Review fanpage.

Some businesses want to bypass Google and go after easier targets. When this happens, most people look towards big social sites like Facebook, Pinterest and even Tumblr. A lot of these popular sites get a ton of traffic and with the right strategy you can have some of that traffic going to your website. One may watch the – Traffic Genesis Review video for more insights.

Big networks like Facebook have their own PPC engine and it is a lot cheaper than Google but your marketing strategy has to be a little different than you would use for Google because people don’t come on a social media site to buy things. If anything, you need to find an audience and demographic who is looking for what you have and to target your ads towards them. There is plenty of great traffic sources in 2014 to make this a great year.

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