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Apple is bringing a new full-screen video ad format to its mobile advertising option. The i-device manufacturer is reported to be planning to sell the ads through their Ad Exchange system. The goal is to allow advertisers to run iAds that have a “TV ad” feel. For more information please read the – Foolproof Cash Flow System Review thread.

Apple plans to roll out the new video iAds later this year. The ads will be available for iPhone and iPad apps, and will automatically take over the whole screen while they are being displayed. This makes them differ from the ads that are currently available, because with the existing ad format users must click on a banner to bring up the video iAd and watch it. More information can be seen on the – Foolproof Cash Flow System Review Fanpage.

Advertisers that have been around for a while are calling the new ad format a glorified “interstitial”, and have expressed concern that the ads will interrupt what users are doing in their apps, frustrating or alienating customers, but this is unlikely to be the case. It is much more likely that the ads will be used during transitions – such as moving from one article to another, or while a game’s level is loading. More insights can be seen by watching the – Foolproof Cash Flow System Review Video.

Apple has not released a lot of information about how the iAds will work or what the cost for them will be. The company rolled out its Ad Exchange recently, and without much fanfare. This Ad Exchange will most likely be used as a platform for selling the iAds. This is an usual decision for Apple, since ads sold auction-style are usually less lucrative than ones which are sold to advertisers by an account manager or a direct sales team. However, they may be looking to run a bulk sales system for these ads, which will undoubtedly be highly desirable to big brands looking for a young and tech-savvy demographic.

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