Prominent Marketer Releases New Video Exposing The Truths About Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Software

Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Review – Quality content is getting more and more important for the purpose of SEO, especially in the year 2014. In fact, it is probably going to grow in importance in the years to come. One can find more info on website for the content creation software.

Anyone who is working on search engine optimization will know that a successful SEO campaign consist of both on page optimization and off page optimization. As far as on page optimization is concerned, quality content is of utmost importance. As for off page optimization, it is mostly about link building. More information may be seen on the – Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Review fanpage.

SEO is often considered a source of free traffic because you are basically getting traffic from Google without paying a single cent. Well, nothing is further from the truth. Before you can even start receiving free traffic from Google, you do have to spend money to get your website ranked. One may watch the – Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Review video for more insights.

Generally, most of your money will be spent on content creation and acquiring links. And here is why quality content is important. The better your content is, the less you need to spend on acquiring links.

This is especially true with the Hummingbird algorithm in place. In the past, most webmasters used to target one main keyword per article, even to the extent of keyword stuffing. This approach is no longer necessary and in fact can be detrimental in the year 2014.

Nowadays, the best way to create content is to write naturally about a topic and naturally, a lot of long tail keywords will be included in the article. By doing so, it is possible for your article to get ranked for hundreds or even thousands of long tail keywords, which literally means a tremendous amount of traffic.

And let’s not forget about the Panda algorithm, which was first introduced by Google to target low quality, spammy websites. Recently, huge sites such as eBay were being affected by the Panda 4.0 updates, due to low quality content. That is why quality content is so important for SEO in the year 2014 and beyond.

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