Prom Dress Design Competition Hosted by hosts a prom dress design competition. The work designed by the champion will be added to the new collection.

Msdress hosted a prom dress design competition. First, everyone who wants to join the competition registers at the website. It does not matter if one is a professional or an amateur. Anyone can take part in the activity if he or she wants to show the design talent. The preliminary entry lasts 30 days. The design competition is held 10 days later.

Fifty people are selected from the first online competition. The final will be held at the hall of Msdress’s office building. The process is kept by local digital channels. People can also see the live show online and vote for the designers they like because it is an important part in the competition. After several hours, a textiles & fashion student named Brandi Lynne wins the game.

Brandi said, “Thanks, Msdress. I am really glad to win this award. I really like fashion design. I will continue designing fashionable dresses. In fact, all the finalists here are all pretty good.” CEO of Msdress said, “We are glad to see talented people. Yes, I mean you all. As we promised, all the works the top 3 finalists designed will be added to our new collection – prom dresses UK. And we will offer custom made dresses for them as a gift. Besides the awards, we also offers jobs for our winners. Welcome to Msdress.”

About Msdress

As a professional event dress design and manufacturing company, Msdress offers the best products to the customers at the most reasonable prices. Prom dress in high quality and low price makes Msdress gain great popularity. However, Msdress did not raise prices of its dresses because of their famous brand. The ultimate aim of Msdress is to produce affordable prom dresses to every lady in the world.

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