Professional player from Esportsmoodle will introduce with people the difference of the normally armor point and the magic resistance

April 01, 2014-China-The armor and Spell Resistance should be the most commonly term in the LOL. What is the detailed meaning of the value of these two terms? This problem should be very commonly among these new LOL players. Today, the professional LOL player from website which is the best online agency for best ELO Boosting services will give each player the comprehensive description about these two term and virtues in this game.

Every one point of armor means character’s maximum blood volume can withstand more than one percent physical damage. If the character of player has 100 points of armor, then the physical damage which the character can withstand will be twice as the armor value is zero. That is to say the enemy needs to double their output of the physical damage to achieve the same effect as before. People could also understand this point that their character could suffer with half of physical damage compared with before. When the armor point of the character reaches to 300 points, they will only bear with 25% of the physical damage from the enemy.

With the increasing of the armor point, some player will have the puzzle about whether the effect of the increasing armor could have the effect of diminishing. The answer that from player from lol boost service provider esportsmoodle for this puzzle is not absolutely right. While the armor point can reduce physical damage, its revenue will gradually decrease with the increasing of the armor point. But, if the character has 1000 Life value Points, then, it means that the armor value of each point means can help the character withstand more than 10 physical damage points and this has nothing to with the existing armor. So, from this perspective, it proceeds is linear. That is to say there is no diminishing return.

Compared with the function of the armor points, the function of the value of magic Resistance also operate in the same way. However, the only difference is that different types of harm reduction. People could know that the magic resistance could only be adapted to the magic damage from the opponent enemy. There is no mutual non-interference between the armor and magic resistance. For example, if the player’s character has more than 500 armor point, this will not have any effect with the commonly magic damage. On the other hand, if there are 500 Magic Resist of the hero, it will not affect the impact from opponent’s physical damage.

After here, the description of the function of the normally armor and the magic resistance points is all over. The player from esportsmoodle which is the best lol Boosting hopes each LOL fans could get high store in this world fashionable online game.

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