Professional Janitorial Services Available to Austin Residents

At JAN-PRO® of Austin, we are proud to offer the office cleaning in Austin that our customers count on at a price they can afford. By using modern cleaning methods and innovative sanitization techniques, we leave your business clean and tidy during every visit.
Jan-Pro would like to announce that its commercial cleaning customers in the Austin area will now have access to EnviroShield cleaning services. EnviroShield is a safe and environmentally friendly way to clean commercial and residential properties.

Jan-Pro of Austin is pleased to announce that its Austin commercial cleaning customers will now have access to EnviroShield cleaning solutions. EnviroShield is a product that is both safe for humans and the environment. This revolutionary product doesn’t utilize harsh chemicals that can irritate the eyes or nose and it also does not cause allergic reactions in people who may be susceptible to allergies.

EnviroShield is an EPA category 4 product, meaning that it is safe to eat, touch and breathe. It poses no risk to humans but it still provides an effective and deep clean that surpasses other commercial cleaning solutions available to Austin area businesses and institutions. This is due to EnviroShield utilizing a powerful cleaning agent and a new application method that includes an electrostatic system.

The electrostatic system clings to germs and debris, which guarantees 100% coverage.  A typical spray and wipe system only provides 60% to 70% coverage on surface areas. This means standard cleaning methods are leaving behind 30% to 40% of the germs and bacteria they should be eliminating.  More importantly, the electrostatic application process allows the janitorial staff at Jan-Pro to infiltrate and sanitize those difficult to reach and hard to clean areas.

EnviroShield Commercial CleanerIn addition to providing 100% coverage, Enviroshield also fully disinfects, sanitizes, and eliminates microbes, germs, viruses, and bacteria from flooring and high contact surface areas. Fixtures including doors, counter tops, and over looked areas such as office microwaves, refrigerators, and computer keyboards will be free from any harmful pathogens that pose a risk to the overall health and wellness of the building’s occupants. EnviroShield fully eliminates 99.99% of germs including the pathogens that cause H1N1, MRSA, and Parvo Virus. This effectively makes EnviroShield the ideal solution for customers in the market for professional office cleaning in the Austin area.

The janitorial services provided by Jan-Pro of Austin now all feature EnviroShield cleaning solutions. Some of commercial properties they service include:

  • Offices
  • Medical Facilities
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Educational Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Child Care Facilities
  • Banks
  • Fitness Centers

is an international company and was named one of the fastest growing franchise companies worldwide. They provide a wide range of cleaning services that range from basic flooring cleaning to office and medical facility cleaning services. Jan-Pro will create a customized commercial cleaning schedule to meet their client’s unique cleaning requirements, which helps to eliminate all of the guess work. For more information on EnviroShield or the services Jan-Pro of Austin provides its customers please visit

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