Professional assistance for claims for violence in the workplace now duly offered by Shires Law

Violence in the workplace can mean a number of things, but it most often means physical abuse or injury. Those who have suffered from violence in the workplace and would like to claim compensation for their condition can turn to Shires Law, which gives not only professional help but works on a No Win, No Fee basis.

UNITED KINGDOM -16 May, 2018 – Shires Law has been able to extend its professional help to those who need assistance when it comes to compensation claims, which range from claims for accidents in public places, road traffic accidents, accidents in the workplace, accidents in cosmetic beauty treatments, industrial disease claims, and more.

But a lot of Shires Law’s clients come to the firm to ask for help regarding workplace accident claims, especially machinery accidents, construction accidents, slips and trips in the workplace, fall accidents in the workplace, burns in the workplace, and even violence at work.

When it comes to violence at work, Shires Law is ready and able to help. As Shires Law states, “At Shires Law, we have dedicated professionals who understand the pressure and stress that comes with being subjected to violence in the workplace. We operate on a No Win, No Fee basis, and you will not be out of pocket whether you win or lose.” Shires Law adds that those who file a claim for violence in the workplace will not risk losing their job as it will be considered an unfair dismissal under employment laws in the UK.

Those who would like to file a claim for violence in the workplace can get the help and professional guidance they need from Shires Law, as their team is well-versed in such cases. Violence in the workplace can have many forms, as confirmed by Shires Law: these forms include understaffing, negligence, a lack of measures which can prevent violence in the workplace, and more. Shires Law further states that there are various symptoms of violence in the workplace, which include bruising, facial injury, bodily injury, and other types of physical injuries. Shires Law confirms, “Our lawyers are experts in violence in the workplace claims and are on hand to help you decide whether you have a valid claim.”

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Shires Law believes in extending expert help to those who would like to make a claim for compensation for personal injuries in the workplace, on the road, in a public location or establishment, in a beauty or hair salon, and more. The firm specialises in a variety of compensation claims, and for those who would like to file an accident at work claim or any other type of claim, visit the website.  

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