Professional and Reliable Legal Service at the Most Difficult Times

During difficult times, reliable legal advice is more important than most people realize.  In the thick of things, you want a great lawyer looking out for your interests regardless of what problems you find yourself in,  whether it is family associated, personal injury, commercial and business litigation and so forth, having a good lawyer looking out for you always gives a sense of comfort and security at all times.  While wishing for such a lawyer is easy, most people that have tried to go down this route can attest that it is not easy. 

Residents of Allentown and Lehigh Valley can finally take a breath of fresh air.  Eidelman and Associates Law Firm is ready and willing to take on any legal challenge that you might be facing.  With an experience spanning up to 30 years and practices in different fields of law, you have a reliable and dedicated law firm with the resources and will to assist you and protect your interests and rights. 

Eidelman and Associates specialized in legal cases surrounding child custody, relocation cases, division of assets, divorce cases, serious personal injury and mediation cases among others.  With intricate understanding of the processes and requirements of the law, the firm is able to pursue all types of cases regardless of how straightforward or complex they are even in the case of high net worth divorce cases. 

While professionalism is very essential in the pursuance of any legal case, Eidelman and Associates believes that it is dedication that makes the difference.  The legal team with over five decades of experience is passionate and highly motivated to pursue the rights of each and every client and helping find resolutions amidst disagreements. 

The firm is constituted by three top legal minds all of who have vast experience in different capacities in the past and a team of junior aggressive lawyers who ensure that all cases assigned to them are successful.  Clients getting in touch with the firm are guaranteed success because each case is assigned a lawyer who attends to it exclusively.  This not only offers value to the client but also allows the lawyer to focus on one case at a time and ensure that they are able to get the best results possible for the client. 

About Eidelman and Associates

Eidelman and Associated is a reputable Law Firm located in Pennsylvania which has helped multiple clients over the years in divorce and other legal related cases.  The firm is run Ed Eidelman, Mary J. B.  Eidelman who is a partner and Jennifer Grossi who is an associate.  Together, the three lawyers have over 50 years of practice in law and have worked tirelessly over the years to ensure the best results for their clients. 

With the understanding of sensitive legal issues like child support litigations and divorce and also aggressive cases like personal injury cases and complex business litigations, clients have a reliable and reputable firm that is able to deliver through hard work and dedication by assigning lawyers exclusively to every case.  

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