Procure-To-Pay (P2P) Outsourcing Market: Delivering Efficacy to Business Models

The P2P outsourcing market has all financial and procurement aspects sorted for manufacturing enterprises, enabling them to focus on what they do the best.

Business ideas often strike for serving a specific customer base in the market. The owners are small- or large-scale investors with a motive to generate profits. This is the key statement that pins their interest to any segment. However, there prevails associated concerns that generally fall out of the expertise of the professionals in the enterprise. These concerns increase as the business grows. Although, the previous solutions do not scale up to match the growing requirements. The procurement, or purchase department, is one such segment that is crucial to the functioning of an enterprise. It deals with regulated extraction of raw materials for the seamless operation of the production lines. Business owners soon realized that the issue was not limited to operational procurement. Thus, emerged the need for procure-to-pay outsourcing market.

P2P helped connecting all processes right from material requirement planning to purchase requisition & order, and generating receipts to payment of vendors. It further enabled an organization integrate its financial & accounting activities with purchase and outsource its management to players who specialize in it. The representative buyer, on behalf of the business, performs a spending analysis for its distributed needs, judiciously sources suppliers based on contract prices, finalizes contracts, makes purchases, manages supplier relations, and goes back to spending analysis for further optimization of the sources. This summarizes the vast scope that the global procure-to-pay outsourcing market serves in the modern scenario.

According to a recent report by Big Market Research, the global procure-to-pay outsourcing market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.77% during 2016–2020. The overall benefit of strategic sourcing to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) has registered with remarkable growth in profit margins. Currently, adjusting budgets is more important than just budget compliance. Long-term risks took an equal platform as that of the short-term needs when the complete savings potential was achieved. The bottom-line was saving for the rainy days while deriving most of what could possibly be procured. In addition to that, the third-party vendors ensure that engaged partners adhere to each other’s internal policies. Any deviation or modification is duly conveyed to the other reducing chances of conflicts.

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Enterprises increasingly opt for P2P outsourcing services to transform their businesses to emerge better. They now realize that an intelligent procurement solution kick-starts a successful supply management chain. Given the overall increase in efficiency it introduces, the adoption of procure-to-pay outsourcing market services and solutions will not slow down any time soon in the future.

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