Pro Auto Gadgets launches the new Tire Pressure Gauge Inflator

Leading supplier of auto tools, Pro Auto Gadgets, announces the launch of its Pro Auto Gadgets Tire Pressure Gauge Inflator

Pro Auto Gadgets is one of the leading suppliers of auto tools that specialize in providing premium quality automobile tools to car owners and drivers at remarkably affordable rates. The online retailer recently announced the launch of its new product – the Pro Auto Gadgets Tire Pressure Gauge Inflator, designed for different types of automobiles including cars, trucks, tractors, bikes, and motorcycles.

The tire is one of the major parts of a vehicle that could make or mar a journey. The importance of the tire to the vehicle and the driver cannot be overemphasized, as it ensures that ride is not only smooth, but the safety of the driver and other road users is guaranteed. However, drivers and other such road users often struggle with their tires especially when it comes to measuring the air pressure of the tires. This is where the Pro Auto Gadgets Digital Tire Inflator is particularly helpful and unique, allowing users to get an accurate reading on their tires air pressure anywhere and everywhere.

The digital tire inflator with gauge is designed to provide the most professional reading to users, made with high-quality materials that ensure its durability. The excellent reading performance of the pressure gauge is one of the distinguishing features of the products, including four measures that ensure extreme precision.

The product also has a push button to inflate feature and air bleed button to deflate, allowing users to get the correct PSI easily while helping to deflate over-inflated tires in no time. Other features of the digital tire inflator include a twist connect chuck that enables one hand operation, thread tape, and a backlit LCD display, which enables users to read the accurate measurements even in the dark.

The uniqueness of the product has helped to increase in popularity amongst users, with accolades coming from different quarters. “I love this digital tire pressure gauge. It’s so easy to hook up and so accurate it saves you all the guesswork on filling your tires I highly recommend it,” says Spencer Kuhn.

The Tire Pressure Gauge Inflator is currently available on Amazon for as low as $24.99, with a 30-day money back guarantee plus a free 2-year replacement warranty.

More information about the product can be found on the website and Facebook.

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